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The Ultimate Retirement Advice for Couples

Retirement is a phase of life that brings with it many changes. For this reason, we thought it would be rather helpful to offer some advice for couples of retirement age or nearing retirement age. It’s simple to see that there are a variety of retired couples out there. Some are ever grateful for the increased amount of time they get to spend with each other and do plenty of activities and charity work together.

A few of them barely see each other and share a meal or a cup of tea. However, it isn’t to say that some are happier than others. It is just what works for each couple. It is hard to say what kind of lifestyle you and your partner would fit into in retirement. Still, there is some helpful advice we could offer you to make retirement as a couple more enjoyable and a more effortless adjustment than it would normally be.

Early Communication

Having an open and honest communication line with your significant other is very important when retiring together. Also, make sure that you are reassuring for your partner and that should you be going through any unusual or new feelings or issues, that you let the other person know that it isn’t their fault.

Don’t project your insecurities, fears, or discomfort onto them. Learn to recognize what is out of your nature and tell them the way you feel and why. Having a whole 40 days more of free time is bound to unleash something from a person. And in a few cases, it isn’t the joy you think it would be! Maybe you need space. Be gentle about asking and explaining.

Cultivate Separate Friendships and Hobbies

It may feel counter-intuitive, but couples who enter retirement together should work on building the social lives of their own. Separate from that of their loved one. This is helpful to avoid becoming too reliant on each other. There is such a thing as spending too much time together, too.

So it helps the heart grow fonder, shall we say. Joining clubs or becoming a member of certain groups can help build relationships with like-minded people and foster independent relationships without too much effort.

Socialize as a Couple

Yes, we just advised you to have separate social circles, but it is also helpful for your relationship if you socialize as a couple. This means that, on occasion, you and your partner can spend time with other adults, and share the same friends in addition to having your friends. Having strong relationships with friends and family and not just with your spouse contributes to better mental health.

Working Couples Should Retire Together

As much as retirement as a couple brings many challenges and adjustments, the challenges could be far greater if only one partner retires while the other continues to work. By retiring as a couple, spouses can avoid the challenges of changes in relationship dynamics. If one continues to work, only one person is putting bread on the table, which can cause problems.

Retiring together provides each partner with emotional support as they work to adjust to a new way of life. Besides, it won’t be all that fun for one partner to be out playing golf, joining book clubs, and going for social events while the other simply slog away at a 9-to-5. So in all fairness, we think most couples would prefer to retire together.

With a rising trend in divorces around retirement age, it is evident that couples are not ready for the lifestyle changes after retirement. Since the year 1990, the divorce rate among people around 65 years and above has seen a three-fold increase. It is safe to say that most of the discontentment arises from issues in transitioning into retirement.

Don’t let you and your loved one fall victim to this, and don’t become another statistic! Heed this advice and be better prepared for the changes to come! Patience is key. Similarly, taking a step back now and then as a couple to realign with each other is important too. This will help you see things from your spouse’s perspective. Eventually, the two of you will both share the same goals and wishes.

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