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The Beloved Stars of Hollywood Who Have Aged Too Flawlessly To Be True

Deidre Hall — October 31, 1947

Any fan who closely watched and followed Days of our Lives will know who Deidre Hall is. This famous American actress portrayed and aced the role of Dr. Marlena Evans in the hit NBC soap opera. Can you believe she kept the role for over 40 years? Now, that’s a long time to be invested in just one character in your career. But Hall gave her all to endear herself in the hearts of many American viewers.

While she initially considered a career in psychology, she realized that her heart was in acting after receiving various projects to hone her skill. Throughout the years, Hall has managed to maintain a comfortable lifestyle brought about by fame and fortune. But she also kept her beauty. In her book, How Does She Do It, Hall expressed that she is a fan of cosmetic surgery and injectables. She sees nothing wrong in going for procedures that could effectively enhance a person’s appearance. Perhaps a filler or two is the reason why she’s looking so gorgeous these days!

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