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Why Do Retirees Want to Go Back to School Post Retirement? Here Are Key Things to Consider!

Retirement brings fresh new opportunities in your life. The majority of your life has all about being a responsible employed adult and you have walked a certain path, but now you have all the time in the world to pursue fresh goals. Retirees can now redefine their retirement and return back to school. Yes, there are retirees who may have various reasons to get back to school.

If you have retired recently, and want to go back to the halls of academia, here are some reasons which could make you get back to the school and turn your downtime into something constructive and successful.

Updating Your Skills

You may be at the phase of your life, where you may have retired from the job you have been doing but realize that you could become obsolete without keeping your skills updated.  There may be retirees who may want to finish up their education, that they may have not been able to finish, because of some reason, or they may want to stay competitive and upgrade their skills. This way they can seek another job that may be less demanding than their former one but can give them the satisfaction of pursuing something new and exciting.

A Second Career in the Offing

Retirement may not always be a bed of roses, it may prove to be a difficult phase, especially when it comes to financial issues. When you retire the reality hits you that you may no longer have a fixed income credited to your bank account.

Some seniors may see this second chance to return to school and give their career a second shot. Since this is a new occupation and will give their career a second lease of life, the new course or a degree will help you divert from what you have been doing all along and concentrate on something completely different.

A Sharp Intellect and Prevention of Degerative Diseases

The Alzheimer’s Association has often said that retirees can avoid dementia and other diseases by going back to school. The brain is like a muscle and you have to continuously use it to make it more flexible and strong.

Also, when you keep yourself busy by continuously learning new things you may not only improve and increase your knowledge but you also stay happy, content, and busy. Going back to school will mean interacting with new people,  stay in an intellectually stimulating atmosphere and speak and converse with people who are also on the same learning wavelength as you.

Make Your Dreams Come True

There have been scores of seniors who had to give up their dreams of getting a higher education because they had other duties to fulfill.  For those who finally hung up their boots, they had the opportunity to realize their dresm of completing their education the next time around. There are some instances of colleges and universities, granting credit for life experiences.

Live Up to New Challenges

The college courses for seniors are not always academically inclined. Sometimes, there are other interesting courses that can keep you engaged and incite your interest. There are cooking class, taking guitar lessons or trying to find hidden talents through woodworking too. If you really want to make going back to college a worthwhile experience, you can try and find out about interesting courses that interest you or it provides heft to your resume.

It can even help you find a skill that you never thought you had. So, this is the time to explore your experimental side. You can not only seek courses from top notch universities but also seek help from online courses. There are courses that are as varied as chalk and cheese, so it can be world cultures or yoga, anything that catces more than just your fancy.

There are courses especially suitable for 50 years and older. So you needn’t feel shy about joining a class of younger people. Even if your classmates are younger than you, you’ll get to learn from them and they get to learn from you as well. This exchange of knowledge from a cross section of generations will be be useful for either parties.

Retirement is just the end of the phase of life you were leading and the beginning of another phase and learning never quite ends does it? Whether you are eight or eighty.


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