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Why Do Some People Still Work After Retirement?

Everyone dreams of retiring. We’d like to see the day we don’t have to wake up early and go to our daily grind at work. It’s the perfect time to enjoy life and indulge ourselves in leisure or in pursuing our dreams and passion. However, not everyone can afford to live a happy and comfortable retirement. The reality is that most baby boomers nowadays continue to work until their 60s or 70s, with some even reaching up to 80s.

While some señior citizens don’t have a choice but to work for money, there are some who are already financially stable but continue to work actively. Here are the top reasons why most retirees keep on working after their retirement.

To Maintain Social Connections

Wordlaw reveals how he wanted to become a teacher in his industry and teach young and seasoned people how to do reporting the right way. His work became like an extended vacation for him.

Some older people don’t want to break the social connection they have either in their workplace or organization after their retirement. So instead of severing their ties altogether, they continue working and contribute to the community.

They either volunteer in their respective organizations or act as a mentor or advisor to help inspire and teach the younger generation.  According to a prominent former TV reporter named Gary Wordlaw, socializing with his former workers and other media practitioners made him feel like he’s still inside the loop. While other retirees claim they feel fulfillment whenever they do civic or volunteer work. They feel like it’s their way of giving back to the community and to assist the people who are in need of their help and services.

You Get to Finally Pursue Your Life’s Hobbies and Passion

Wooley fulfilled his dream of publishing a book entitled Soar: A Memoir last 2017 after he retired.

Now that you finally have control over your time, retirement is the perfect time to hone your hobbies, skills, and pursue your passion. That’s why instead of just retiring and enjoying life, you’ll find most retirees engaging in business or taking a different career path. Howard Wooley and his wife Gail, for example, pursue different career paths after their retirement. Gail became a public policy consultant for Microsoft.

However, she laid down some ground rules to allow flexibility in her schedule and not be loaded with work like her previous career. This gives the couple the family time they need even when working.  Unfortunately, Gail died last March 2015 after battling against a deadly disease. Wooley, on the other hand, continues on working his book until it got published. Aside from that, he also takes clients and serves as a mentor for several boards of directors.

You Keep Your Mental Sharpness Without Giving Up Your Profession

A notable public speaker named George Fraser says he’s been racking up around 350,000 airline miles per year. Aside from that, he also has memorized millions of notes whenever he sits at a podium and starts talking. His job has helped maintain his mental alertness, so he says he’ll never get tired of his work since it helps him stay in shape.

Also, he reveals how he cannot imagine doing anything other than his profession. When the media asked him if he considers retirement, he reveals he cannot even imagine doing so.  Fraser reveals how he enjoys his work more than taking his vacation. He loves speaking and spreading his messages to the audience.

It Also Helps them Keep Physically Fit

Aside from being mentally fit, some retirees reveal how working help them to stay physically fit and active. Instead of just living inside the house or go outside to chill, working helps keep their body moving and active.

It serves as their exercise since most of their bodies can’t keep up with rigorous activities and adventures anymore. Although they see to it that they don’t have to undergo strenuous activities, the constant movement helps energize their bones and muscles to keep them healthier and stronger.

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