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The Luxury Senior Communities Of LA That Cater To Only A Select Few

Senior living communities have increased by leaps and bounds over the last few years. What can take most people by surprise is how these communities and assisted living centers are luxury-defined. Spread over Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills, for the most part, some of these communities are true stand-outs! Think of Sunrise Senior Living in Beverly Hills, for example, or Brookdale Santa Monica Ocean House- and you will know how special they are in their respective ways.

It’s not merely the construction, but some of the most upscale properties in Northbridge and Culver City also promise the most highly equipped facilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for assisted or independent or a simple care community. You will find the best centers if you research a bit. Here are some top picks in LA.

The Village – Northridge

Assisted and independent living is available in this picturesque property that caters to an equally ‘free’ clientele. The property has huge common spaces and outdoors too, with large apartments. Also, there are full kitchens inside. For an amazing experience, sit with residents for a happy hour, or alternately, you can showcase your creativity in the art room. There are plenty of crafting activities that happen here, which will keep you engaged. Thanks to the vibrant retirement community you can find in many apartment sizes and prices- all these will leave you spoilt for choice.

Sunrise Of Beverly Hills

It is one of the ‘finest’ among Beverly Hills senior care centers. The location is a strategic one. There are high-end shopping, cultural, and dining options too. Once you step in, you will find a community that’s bustling with activities almost all the time! The calendar stays chock-a-block, and active volunteer programs keep inmates busy too.

You can avail either a studio or one-bedroom apartment for assisted, independent, and memory care services. Every unit comes with a kitchenette and options aplenty among whole foods. The ambiance that residents often find confusing is whether they should dine in the gourmet dining room or stay back at their zone.

Belmont Village Senior Living – Westwood

An independent living that redefines ‘premier luxury’ and all things grand. However, memory care and independent community services here in LA. Right at the Wilshire Corridor steps, the UCLA and UCLA medical centers are present. They make it a point to harness the best of the movie theatre, café, a special gourmet dining area, and a comfortable outdoor patio. Since Belmont is affiliated with UCLA, they usually get professors on board regularly to lecture on diverse issues, like art history and current affairs.

It’s not uncommon to find the latest film screenings or talks and sessions with the most renowned directors and writers from the industry. This is largely because several families are lined to the much-acclaimed industry. The entire studio, one and two-bedroom apartments are replete with a holistic range of services, including the 24/7 nursing staff.

Anchor Retirement Homes

This Culver City room is a fairly recent one, among the many. There are 12 rooms in the mini-community that house several mentally active residents who need help. In the home, there are large private rooms. They have a proper, private bathroom meant for use by adults.

Among the furnishings, a microwave, cable TV, and mini-fridge are a few more add-ons. Residents often sit for meals after assembling in the communal table area with an open kitchen and a chef who’s present throughout the day. This is a must-try alternative away from the hustle and bustle of the ‘cruise ship’ environment.

The Watermark – Beverly Hills

Staying here is akin to feeling like being at peace and relaxation in the very heart of Beverly Hills. This is a luxury resort with all such amenities and services in the community that you can need. The quaint, boutique-style setting is the perfect décor to the place that arranges a host of classes, rang9ing from yoga to even philosophy. Not to forget, there are book clubs too. For the intellectually active seniors, this is a real haven.

If you have deep pockets, you might want to bask in the rays of the setting sun at dusk of your life. With endless options at your disposal, selecting the best as per your need should be no hassle.

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