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Is It Time For You To Unretire?

If you have spent decades at your workplace, stepping down might make some sense. However, many people start missing their workplaces too soon after retiring. There are actually more people in their late sixties and willing to work again than you might think. Some people cannot simply imagine life without their workmates and some even do not find a purpose in life without employment. If you are someone with an energetic personality, you might not want to sit back and relax in your retirement. Here are some tell-tale signs that you should consider “unretiring”.

You Cannot Make Ends Meet

Bringing food to the table is not something all retirees can do easily. In fact, many people find it really difficult to save enough for the rainy day. Social Security benefits might not suffice, as you won’t get enough moolah to maintain your retirement lifestyle. Also, if your kids are still going to college, you have some additional expenses to bear even after retirement. It, therefore, perfectly makes sense to go back to work to boost your income by a few notches.

You Have Become Too Sedentary

One of the benefits of working post-retirement is that you can stay active and healthy. According to researchers, there is a definite connection between sound health and job satisfaction. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle often engage in behaviors that require very little energy. This often results in certain diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes. Some retirees successfully replace work with outdoor activities, but you might not be that good at making that happen. Harvard University researchers conducted a study among people aged 50 years or older and found that people who retired were 40% more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases than people who continued to work.

You Cannot Adjust To The New Life

Adjusting to post-retirement life might be difficult for you. Some people pursue their hobbies after retirement and go places of interest. However, not everyone is capable of taking part in such activities. If you are unhappy with your new phase of life, it might very well be a sign of mental fatigue. In such circumstances, you should find a way to rejoin the workforce. According to prominent economist Eric Tyson, taking the middle of the road is the best possible solution. This means you can just choose to work part-time to make the transition slowly. Some people also consider work-from-home jobs during their post-retirement days.

You Have Lost All Your Social Connections

The saddest part of retirement is that you lose all your ties built during your employment years. If you lose relationships with your colleagues, you may soon start feeling lonely. The University of Chicago researchers recently found that loneliness can trigger certain physiological complications that increase the risk of mortality in senior people by at least 14%. Isolation can disrupt your sleep, bring rapid and unexplained changes in your blood pressure levels and increase your stress level. If you want to make new friends, going back to work has no better alternatives.

You Love Your Workplace

Some people actually love their workplaces. Some people, on the other hand, realize how much they loved their workplaces after retiring. If you are one of those lucky people who love what they do for a living, it makes sense for you to get back to your workplace. Post-retirement, you may want to go back to your office and engage in your work activities – even the activities that you didn’t quite like before retirement.

You Have A Startup Idea

If you have earned a lot of experience in your industry, while helping other people earn profits from your skills and expertise, you might want to start your own business post-retirement. If you have an idea that can be put to work, you should not consider age as a barrier. Instead, chalk out a business plan and write down the risks. You need to think about it realistically though. Although there’s no ideal age for starting a business, you might not be prepared enough to bear any loss that may incur. Therefore, proceed with caution.

Retirement means freedom for many people. However, for many others, unretiring seems the best possible solution for fighting boredom and common illnesses. You need to act smart and choose your way based on your financial condition as well as your health condition.

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