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Here’s Why You Need to Make a Bucketlist After Retirement!

So many people want to enjoy a happy and active life after retirement and yes why should people hang up their travel dreams along with hanging up their boots? It is important to do more after retirement because now you have the time, to do so. So, have you made a bucket list for yourself? If not, here’s what you need to or consider these points before making the ultimate bucket list for yourself.

It Gives Your Dreams Wings

A bucket list is a list you want to do for yourself. Your bucket list does not have to include daredevil experiences such as skydiving or bungee jumping in 80 days. Create something that you always wanted to do, such as visiting Tuscany or wanting to see the Northern lights before you turn 70. Make actionable plans, save enough money or invest in mutual funds to fulfill your travel dreams. Nurture your dreams as you mean them.

It Gives You Goals

Take a good look at your bucket list and decide what would you do first. Next, take steps to set the ball rolling. It may require solid planning and also let others in your family know about it. Give yourself specific timeline goals and start working on them. If you want to tour certain cities in your country or a different country, start telling your husband or partner about your plan, the more you talk about it the more it gives you a semblance of realizing your dream. Saying it aloud and discussing it out may mean that your dreams have a chance of making it to reality.

It Helps Overcome Your Fears

Sometimes making a bucket list is often an extension of your fears. You always wanted to visit Norway or Iceland but you are fearful of the cold and deep in your mind you may think that these travel dreams will never be realized. Most of the stuff we have on our bucket list is exciting but sounds right down scary.  But when you stand up to your fears there’s every chance of it coming true. At first, you may be thinking ‘what am I doing here?’ to ‘Oh! when can I do it again?’ That’s the feeling you should be chasing. Like you may never have taken a holiday alone. However, going on a backpacking tour after retirement alone can give you a sense of achievement. Once you have been there you can tick off the check box and give a pat on your back.

It Gives you the Gumption to Try Other Things

Looking at the bucket list and just visualizing it will give you a different type of energy. Plan for the things or take steps to get yourself close to the things that give you a reason to get up early in the morning and experience a positive feeling like something you want to look forward to and it gives an immense feeling of joy and a spring in your step.

It Gives You a Feeling of What You Are Going to Do

Say if you are going through a not-so-good phase in your life and you want a change. Or if you are retiring and are trying to figure out what you are going to do next, then this is the time to take that trip you had been always planning.  This may also give you a fresh perspective. There are instances when people get the opportunity to travel and make some life-changing decisions to figure what happens next in their lives. Your bucket list gives you things to try that may click for you.

Like in the film, Under the Tuscan Sun, when the protagonist figured out exactly what she wanted to do after taking a trip to Tuscany, where she fell in love with the place she was staying. She gave up everything and decided to settle in the very place. It does not mean you will give up everything in your life, your work, your family, and your grandchildren, but give yourself the opportunity to explore the new things in your life.

So, do you have a bucket list for retirement or post-retirement too? What are the things you are doing to realize them? Do share with us in the comments section here. Here’s hoping you have the drive and gumption to realize your dreams.


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