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Here’s How You Can Keep Your Social Life Active Even After You Retire

In a research, scientists found out that staying socially active at an advanced age holds the key to a happier and healthier life until the last day. It also keeps away nerve-related diseases, which can be disastrous both for the person affected and their family. Unfortunately, most Americans after 60 suffer from depression. Worse, they don’t even seem to understand that it is a medical condition and often neglect it. After retirement, seniors get a lot of time at home. Their social engagements also become limited. At this time, even if they do not feel like it, they must force themselves to get involved with various activities to get them out of the house. This will not only help keep them physically fit but will do a world of good to their mental health as well.

Start Your Morning With A Walk Or Workout


Keeping your mind and body healthy should be a main priority at this age. To deal with it, you must go for a morning walk, jog, run or workout in a gym – whatever floats your boat. The best thing is that while your health improves with a morning ritual, you might have the opportunity to make new friends as well. So far, your mornings were busy getting ready, cooking, taking care of the kids, but now that you have some time to yourself, you can sit back, relax, talk about life or even go out with your new friends.

Make Friends Out Of Work

Even if you have not yet retired, you should always try and have friends outside of work. Usually, we all have two sets of friends – work friends and our outside of work friends. But if you think your out of work friend’s network needs expansion, go ahead and increase your social circle. Make friends at the golf club, get friendly with the neighbors etc. Chances are that some of these people might turn out to be your type and you might become good friends over time.

Start Volunteering

Volunteering at non-government organizations or your local community center is an excellent way to keep your mind engaged and also make friends, while simultaneously boosting your social engagement. Also, helping others will give you a sense of satisfaction that you won’t get by doing any kind of other jobs. It will help you battle loneliness and who knows you might find something that you are really passionate about while helping out your community.

Have A Healthy Relationship At Home

Being socially engaged is great, but it is even better to have your biggest support right at home with you. Maintain a great relationship with your spouse. It can be easy to be irritated, or feel annoyed all of the time from your partner, but if you keep thinking your marriage to be bad, then either you should end it or try to mend it. If you try to resolve old issues and try to keep the people around you happy, in turn you will also benefit and be happy too. With age, the family tends to become more and more important. We aren’t only talking about the relationship between you and your spouse, but having a great relationship with your children and grandchildren is equally as important. Don’t have too much expectations as they are going through their own lives and might not have as much free time as you have. Try not to judge them either, just be considerate and empathetic. You will see that they will always have love and care for you!

Develop A Hobby

Start a new hobby, pursue an old interest or continue your ongoing passion. Having a hobby has been highly rated by doctors as it helps seniors in keeping their brains active. Plus being in a group where they get to practice or learn their new hobby is also a positive. Play a sport, start painting, learn a musical instrument, start taking dance lessons, learn a new language or anything that you fancy. It has been found that learning new things also helps keep the brain active and of course interacting with the people around you will help you be more social too!

Retirement can be a blissful period if you know how to take care of your mind and body. Most people think of retirement as a dull period in our lives and a road that leads to the end. But why not look at it as the time when you are free to do as you like and live your life to the full before embarking on that final journey?



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