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Is a Happy and Engaged Retirement a Myth? Five Ways to Prove Otherwise!

Have you just retired? And wondering how to while away the endless hours that are stretching ahead of you?  No sweat, we’ve got your back! You have worked hard to get to the place you are standing now! Hard work, perseverance, and discipline are thrown into the equation, and you get a success mantra that has stood you in good steed your entire career, so what now? Give it all up to live a life that reeks of stagnancy and a humdrum existence? Well, no, retirement today is nothing like the retirement days people experienced a decade back.

Today, they call it semi-retirement, because you just put a pauce on your vocation and try novel and different things that put a fresh perspective on your life. Now, the sky is the limit for you, because now you can enjoy flexible working hours and try fresh avenues and exciting ventures. Yes, you can utilize your new-found independence in more ways than one and give a different connotation to the word retirement. Are you looking for some inspiration to start your new life post-retirement in a more engaging and fun way? We tell you five ways to do just that!

Freelancing Now and Loving It!

The freelancing brigade is increasing by leaps and bounds today, and more and more people are breaking the age-old traditional approach of working by opting to freelance rather than engage yourself fully in specific job roles and working hours. After your official retirement, you can join a freelancing job putting your experience to good use or explore something all-new and exciting. This adds more to your CV and improves your chances of exploring varied options in the near future. The flexible hours allow you to do the kind of things you had always wanted, and now you also have the time and inclination to fulfill them with gusto.

Pursue Hobbies

Hobbies? What hobbies, and who has the time to pursue all that?” That was a statement of Bob, our acquaintance, who maintained a grueling schedule when he was a thirty-something strapping youth burdened with work and more work. Now, all of sixty, he is freshly retired and loving it.

Busy Bob is spending some quality time with an aisle and paint-brush painting the New York skyline pink and the Tuscany sky orange. What about you? Now that you have quality time on hand to pursue your hobbies, be like Bob. Do what you love doing — doodle, dance, or dabble in home decor. Follow your heart without worrying about the ticking clock, your boss’s not-so-favorable feedback, and so on. It is time now to pursue your latent interests with verve and unmitigated passion.

Wear Your Business Hat for a Change!

Did you know that most boomers and retirees love to start their business after retirement? You can either concentrate on big business or small scale ones as low as $7000. Yup! You read it right! Why business for retirees is a fruitful option?

Because you can use your experience and the contacts you develop and use the savings for your future investments! Try varied business opportunities such as selling stuff on eBay and Amazon. You can also try starting a podcast or earning through affiliate marketing and advertising.

Try Something New

Routines are great, but they may turn out to be boring. Try to begin your days differently. Wake up with a fresh perspective, do a bit of stretching, or some pushups to start healthy. The idea is to change your routine and do something different every single day.

Waking up to the same, exercising, same food, and doing the same drill every day can turn boring at best. And, routines can turn into ruts, instead of expanding your life, you end up contracting it. Broaden your horizon. The idea is to live life king size after retirement and enjoy to the full extent!

 Try the above ways to make your life interesting and fun after retirement. You have just retired, you deserve a huge pat on the back and enjoy this brand new phase of life! After all these years of hard work, taking a break and letting your hair down is something you shouldn’t shy away from. Remember that you earned it!

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