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Four Ways To Live Out Your Retirement Years Happily

So, you’ve been planning for your retirement all your life and here you are, ready to take on the bull by the horns. Of course, it can be a devastating anti-climax when you find yourself retired with your retirement savings and passive income set up but no plans of what to do with yourself for the rest of your years. After all, how many cups of coffee can you have at the bookshop? And how many strolls on the beach will it take to fill your day? Yes, retirement can leave you with a whole lot of time and too few activities to do. Here are some ideas that can get you thinking about what to do with your remaining years.

Be Productive With Your Time

Retirement does not technically mean you have to give up work completely. It doesn’t mean your boots will be hung up for good, in a closet that is to be locked forever. In fact, it is an increasing trend for retirees to take up some form of business, be it a small business from home or a cozy space, or even an online business. There are many avenues to choose from in this method of retirement. If the career you led during your working years was something you have thoroughly enjoyed, then you will be pleased to engage in a business related to your career. However, retirement is also your chance to do what you have always wanted to do – so if you worked all your life as an engineer but your passion is interior decorating, then take it up as a rewarding full-time engagement (or part-time – you’re the boss!)! The possibilities are as wide as your scope of interests. Call this semi-retirement, if you will!

Be Adventurous With Your Time

If you are ready to be daring, fearless, and curious, then think of your retirement as your next great adventure! See the world through a different set of eyes – one that sees every opportunity and doesn’t let it pass. Make a bucket list, if you haven’t already, and make it your goal to check off each item from that list, even if it is just one item every few months. You are in no hurry – take as much time as you need on each thing you choose to embark on. Go on a helicopter ride, go kayaking, or go for a course in piloting a plane. Whatever your heart desires!

Give Back With Your Time

You’ve spent your working years slogging over tools and equipment, managing resources and staff, or perhaps sitting in front of a computer day in and day out, for the sake of receiving a monthly income for yourself and your family. So now, maybe it is time to give back to people during your years of retirement. After providing for your family and building your life, it can be refreshing and fulfilling to start taking on voluntary work either in your community, in your country, or globally. The scale is up to you. Make a difference in the lives of others because so many in the world are busy looking after themselves and their families that somebody needs to take care of those in need!

Search Your Soul With Your Time

Retirement leaves you with all the time in the world for you to search for the answers to life’s greatest questions. Of course, each person will have their own set of questions they wish to know the answers to. So find what yours are and dive into spirituality without inhibitions. Go to a retreat or travel the world and visit the most sacred places that exist on earth. Take a course on meditation or self-awareness. Find a mentor and learn more about the world you live in, and all the many things you have taken for granted or missed on. There is much to be discovered in the venture into spiritual discovery.

So there you have it – four fabulous ideas to kick start your retirement plans and have you thinking about what draws you the most. If you truly aren’t sure about what you really enjoy, try a little of each before you invest your time and money into it. For example, take a short course on yoga before investing in a year-long retreat – there’s no room for waste in retirement! Have fun finding out what you wish to do because there is no pressure. Happy hunting!

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