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The Beloved Stars of Hollywood Who Have Aged Too Flawlessly To Be True

Karen Grassle — February 25, 1942

American actress Karen Grassle was always passionate about acting ever since she was a young lady. She studied English and Dramatic Art in college and further honed her skills at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art after she had been given the Fulbright Fellowship. She dived right into theatre acting and enjoyed taking on a variety of classical roles. Eventually, she decided to pursue a career on TV, and the golden opportunity came when she auditioned for the role of Caroline Ingalls in the iconic show Little House on the Prairie.

For nine years, Grassle gave her all as Caroline Ingalls, and alongside Michael Landon who played her character’s husband and Melissa Sue Anderson who played her on-screen daughter. After her stint in the show, she appeared in a few others such as Gunsmoke and Wyatt Earp. These days, Grassle continues to do what she loves and tours around various cities with a theatre group. She may be nearing her eighties but Karen Grassle is still a gorgeous and active actress whose anti-aging techniques are doing wonders for not only her timeless beauty but also her overall health — she’s amazing!

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