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Five Ways to Lose Weight Post-Retirement

Retirement life is more relaxing, you have ample time to rest, and a different lifestyle altogether. However,  this lifestyle change has more negative than positive impacts on the life of most people. If you’ve been gaining weight post-retirement, or you’re going to retire soon, here’s what you could do. These are a few weight loss tips for you to follow in your post-retirement phase.

Avoid Eating Out

When you retire, there’s a cut in your income. It thus forces you to change your lifestyle a bit to make sure you do not end up spending all your retirement funds. One way to do this is to monitor and cut down the money you spend on eating out. While this is great for your money, did you know that it is great for your health too? It helps you stay in great shape.

Cooking at home is helping in controlling your cravings as there will be no menu with fancy-looking options to distract you from your goal of eating healthy. Eating at home puts you in control of your diet, health, and finances. Besides that, it can also be a great bonding activity for you and your significant other. The two of you can spend a lot of time together, deciding on the menu, shopping together, etc. With all the time that retirement gives you, it would indeed be great to spend it with your spouse doing something productive!

Get Ample Sleep

There’s no medicine like a good night’s sleep to help you stay fit. While a few people experience difficultly hitting the sack at night, the key is to stay in bed. Relax and give your body the rest it deserves.

Spending some time with no physical activity is a must to build emotional and physical well-being. So have a fixed sleeping routine, take a warm shower before bedtime, set the room to the right temperature, and hit the sack!

Reduce Your Portions

Weight loss is going to be tough in your old age. As your body’s metabolism slows down, you are more likely to end up adding all those calories you consume as your body fat. At the same time, it is not advisable to go on a diet. So, the best way to start the weight loss journey is by cutting down portion sizes. You might also buy cutlery that accommodates lesser food to give you an illusion of eating a full plate meal. This will trick your brain into feeling full. While in reality, you will have eaten less than what you normally do. As you are eating at home, the calories, portion sizes, and meal options are all under control.

You could also treat yourself to a glass of fresh juice or some hot soup a few minutes before the meal. This will suppress your appetite and will naturally cut down on the portion size.

Find a Workout Partner

You are more likely to follow your fitness goals when you are doing it with someone. Besides the social convention to workout, while your partner does it, the embarrassment of breaking your commitment will keep you going. This will go a long way until you can make exercise an unavoidable routine in your life.

You could do something as simple as taking a walk around the park every day. And if you’re in lockdown and unable to go to the park, you could always walk inside your house. You could also engage in some minimal physical activity while at home. Your spouse or your partner could be your workout buddy too!

 Cut Down Alcohol

Alcohol increases your signs of aging, weakens your immunity, and increases your appetite. This means you are more likely to overeat and thus add a lot of calories to your body. Probably that’s the last thing that should concern you, given that you’re trying to shed those pounds and stay healthy. However, doctors do suggest that alcohol can help prevent cardiovascular diseases if consumed in moderation. So, do talk to your doctor and understand where you should draw the line on that drink.

It is easy to ignore healthy habits and pick a light of lethargy in retirement. However, the more you give in to that lifestyle, the more at risk you are of various diseases. But, if you invest in yourself and work on building healthy habits, you’re going to have a happy and long retirement!

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