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Five Apps That Are a Must Have for Every Retired Person

Smartphones are a thing of the new generation. The busy life and its demands are what the apps and features try to support. Is that what you believe too? Well, you cannot be more wrong. Smartphones are great for people of all age groups, and they have something to offer to everyone. Wondering why we are lecturing you about smartphones and its uses?

Well, we are trying to tell you about the five apps that you should have on your smartphones if you have retired or closer to the retirement age. These apps will act as your assistant and make sure that your life is nothing but a cakewalk, which is exactly how it should be!

Park’ n’ Forget

Well, we honestly think this app has a purpose in each one of our lives. Remember the number of times you left your car parked in a busy lot and couldn’t find it for your’s life? This problem is something the seniors might find all the more relatable. Well, here is an app that comes to your rescue.

Costing just $0.99 per month, Park’ n’ Forget has numerous features that make it easy for you to find your parked car. Besides sending you a brief text about your car’s location, it also sets a reminder for the parking time, just in case you need to collect your vehicle before a said time frame. It also lets you take a picture of the surroundings in which you left your car, record details like the level, color, and other details of the parking lot.


The iPhone app store has many apps for Brain Training. This is because quite a few people firmly believe that physical health and intellectual health go hand-in-hand. Also, it is reasonable to believe that the use-it-or-lose-it philosophy applies to both the mind and body.

Lumosity is one of the best apps in the area of brain training. It consists of a lot of word games, brain twisters, memory games, and puzzles of all kinds. It has many plans. This includes the plans for individuals, family, and friends, all of which are affordable. These prices range from $4 to $17 per month, and it also has a lifetime subscription plan, which costs almost $297.

Although this is a huge sum, it might seem worthwhile for people who give a lot of importance to brain training. And why not? Several research findings show that indulging your brain in some activity keeps problems like dementia at bay!


Goodreads is a must-have free app for every bibliophile. It is a great platform for people to know about books and helps you to share your opinion/write a review of the book that you have read. Almost all the books that are available on Amazon are available on Goodreads.

So you can use this app can to find out whether the book that you have wanted to buy for a long time is worth it or not. Many people use Goodreads also to create a list of books that they want to read and keep track of the progress of their books. What better way for retired people tolose themselves in the world of books.

Weather Channel

This free app is one of the most trustworthy apps on the iPhone as it has been proven to be a very reliable source of information regarding current and upcoming weather anywhere in the world. It can also share inputs about pollen forecasts and UV forecasts.

What makes this app better is it can provide personalized weather reports, and it also can keep track of the most frequently traveled routes. This makes it a must-have app for people who are nearing their retirement.

Find my iPhone

Ever lost a phone or forgot where you left it? Losing the phone can be a very anxious and traumatic experience for elders. Well, there’s no need to worry anymore as there’s an app that could help you find your phone seamlessly! Although there are many apps to find a lost phone, Find my iPhone, which is part of the iCloud, takes the cake.

The lost mode in it can come handy in tracking your phone, if it is still on. There is another important security feature where one can lock the phone remotely in case it is stolen. This prevents loss of data and security breaches. This is one app where the elders must be aware of how to use it.

These are some of the apps that we thought is a must-have for senior citizens as it will help them in various things of their day-to-day life. One of the most important common factors among these apps is the fact they are easy to use. Are there any other apps that you think should feature on this list?

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