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These Celebrities Aren’t Showing Any Intentions Of Retiring Whatsoever

Retirement sounds like the ultimate goal for most people working a regular job, but some celebrities are out to tell us that doesn’t really have to be the case. There’s a lot of wisdom to be gained from them to, because a good portion of them are in their 80s, and they’re not looking to quit their jobs anytime soon. Each one of them has their specific reasons, but the fact that they don’t care about growing old is admirable, especially considering that older people don’t have anywhere near the strength that workers in their youth have.

Even if it isn’t your goal to become exactly like these celebrities, it’s good to hear opinions from the other side of the isle, especially when the people on the other side have proven themselves in terms of their finances. Here are some of the most influential celebrities that aren’t looking forward to their retirement:

Warren Buffett – 85 Y/O

At this age, we can’t really imagine someone running their own businesses. Yes, it’s easy to see people that old happily enjoying their retirement with a few health issues here and there, but at the very least, we don’t expect anyone at that age to be able to work consistently in a job that’s generally too demanding for the most determined people. Warren, however, doesn’t mind at all. For him, the nightmare scenario is one in which he’s not working, and has absolutely nothing to do. According to him, he’s seen people who spend their weekends planning their haircuts, and he can’t see himself living such a lifestyle, and would rather go happily to work everyday. He’s worth a whopping net worth of $86.6 billion, which is more than anyone could spend in a lifetime, yet he chooses not to relax.

 Judi Dench – 80 Y/O

The goal that Judi has in mind is to never give up, no matter what. She can’t stand someone telling her that she can’t do something, and would rather give a certain task everything that she’s got instead of turning her back on it. Everyone can learn a thing or two from her, since she’s not one to give up, even at the age of 80. Judi would rather fail miserably at a task and make a huge mess of things rather than not attempting it at all, and her mindset is something that everyone who wants to be a star like her should take seriously.

Clint Eastwood – 85 Y/O

Clint’s always been the sort of people who’d please the crowd. That’s what he did during the days in which he was one of the most popular actors in the world, and that’s what he continues to do even though he’s not a director. He says that people love that he delivers stories to them, and that there are always stories worth telling. As long as people want him to keep contributing to the entertainment industry, he’ll be there for them, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Clint’s passion for the movie industry is the reason why he was able to find so much success in it in the first place.

Betty White – 93 Y/O

At the age of 93, Betty is considerably older than anyone else on our list today, and her only driving force is her love for her work. She holds the record for having the longest running show by far out of any woman alive, and that’s something that can’t be done unless you truly care about the work you produce. Betty is pretty straightforward about why she doesn’t want to quit her job at all. According to her, she has so much fun at her job that nothing on earth could compete with it, which is why she sees no reason to retire. After all, she’s want to have a good time during her retirement, and since the best time she could have is by doing what she’s currently doing, she has no motivation to quit.

It seems like finding a line of work that you’re passionate about it far more important than the money you can bring in, because if you don’t like your work, you’re going to burn out pretty quickly, unlike those celebrities who seem to be having the time of their lives.

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