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The Best Low-Cost Retirement Places in the World

You work hard today so you can just chill and enjoy the fruits of your labor on retirement. And what better way to retire than to hie off somewhere sunny, fun, relaxing, and low cost? This is especially when the money you’ve put away for your later years won’t exactly be up to par to the living standards of the place you’re currently residing, what with all that inflation and other variables that affect your financial viability in the future. Why not move somewhere where a few bucks can go a long way?



Cuenca, in particular, is a fantastic city that is host to a variety of Spanish-colonial structures and a rich history, which explains the fascinating diversity in this city’s culture and people. What makes this place especially appealing is the fact that its real estate rates are rock bottom low and its cost of living also low. Despite these, health care services here are actually high quality. The fact that the city has a sizeable expat community should tell you that this indeed is a great retirement destination.


Although it’s one of the smallest states in the world, it has a high population count, which indicates the residential viability of this place. Many UK residents have found a second home in this country, thanks to its predominantly sunny weather and fantastic climate (averages at 19C), as well as the English-speaking populace.



This country is known for its stunning beaches, fantastic food, and low-cost living. Chiang Mai deserves special mention, as it has better weather than some parts of this Asian kingdom. The city’s health-related services are also good, drawing expats and retirees from other countries into its borders. There also are a good number of income-generating opportunities as Westerners are valued assets in language institutes and in their tourism industry.


The beaches are lovely and the port is good. The weather and health care services are also retiree-friendly, making it a viable retirement place. Real estate costs are also lower than other places in Europe. In fact, they’re reportedly three times cheaper than those in France. No wonder it’s got a huge expat community. Algarve is the most appealing spot in Portugal due to its beauty, laid-back vibe and community, and low costs, not to mention its selfie-worthy beaches.


The old Medellin is a far cry its current cleaned-up version, making it a serious contender for the best retirement place in the world. It’s no longer crime or drug-addled; in fact, it has been labeled as the most innovative city by The Wall Street Journal in 2012. That’s because it has better public transit systems, well-used and favored public areas, and accessible Internet and technology. You may be pleased to hear that it’s also a pretty city with an artsy aura.


Being host to a cornucopia of influences, this country has been labeled as a rather “quirky” state. It has strong ties to the Caribbean despite being a Central American country. It has also been a former British colony, which explains why the people can speak in English, not because they’ve learned the language from their former colonizers, but because many are descendants of British migrants. There also are people from other South American countries in the mix. The Cayo District, in particular, is a viable place for retirement due to the beautiful landscape and the sunny weather, not to mention low cost. You can even run a business here tax free.

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