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Types of Alternative Funding to Help Small or Established Businesses Thrive

When it comes to exploring small businesses or large businesses, the concept is changing. People now do not have to bank on traditional loans and mortgages to finance their businesses because there are alternative options that can make funding an easy affair. So what is alternative funding? Alternative funding can help finance your company and help you gain capital. This can provide an alternative when you have been turned down by one and all. It may also help you when you have poor credit or are unsure how much funding you may need for your business.


A grant is a financial help backed by a federal, state, or local government. In this case, the applicant gets the money they have a terrific chance of succeeding. Grants are different than your average traditional loan as they are given as an award rather than borrowed. They are a valuable way of attaining money as they are available only in specific cases. If you are looking for an option like that, then opt for loans most suitable for the self-employed like the National Association for the Self-Employed or the NAV, which can get you more options.


Fintech is a new financial technology onboard for lenders, as it is a suitable alternative route. These lenders may provide smaller loans, lower barriers to entry, and the other functions to try. A case in point is Kabbage and Paypal. However, don’t select one blindly.

You certainly have to do your research. Each option may have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some may have lesser funds available as sometimes they may be available long-term. And a few may have higher interest rates. A few companies can explore their finance options and check for other services such as online payments or accounting options based on automation.


Crowdfunding is another finance service that is currently in vogue now. This is a great option for product launches. This type of financing is one of the feasible ways of gauging the market alternatives.  source of funding that is typically beneficial for product launches. This avenue of financing is like launching a promo landing page to gauge interest; it’s a viable way to test the market.

Crowdfunding has many benefits but you have to find out which one suits you the most. Some may allow only for a shorter time while there are others that can provide long-term benefits. So, find out all about it to understand what can you get if you follow this route.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is another type of social lending that allows different people to borrow and lend money from one another. It combines tried and tested alternative funding source formulas, such as crowdfunding, loans, and angel investment. Many online platforms can help you connect with fund investors and connect with different people with the same money-minded sensibility. This type of funding is particularly helpful for more established businesses broadening their horizons and looking for a typical pitch deck to showcase their type of business.

Venture Capital and Angel Investment

Most venture capital and investment firms (angels) are looking to add more funds to the startups. They do it because they are on the lookout for a return and will want either an exit plan or a growth-enhancing plan, or they may want the lion’s share of your business.

This type of funding is not for everyone and is suitable for only certain types of industries such as technological lines, medical lines, and other online sectors. Venture capitalists may only offer to fund businesses that have growth potential. Ensure you have a good business plan on board if you want to avail yourself of venture capital and angel investment opportunities.

Pitch Competitions

This is another type of funding option for businesses, particularly established businesses. Even if you are not from tech or medical start, you can still avail of their services. To avail of pitch competitions, you need to be part of a specific region, whether it is from a specific revenue stage or be part of a group of entrepreneurs working together. Find out what works for you and look beyond conventional services to suit the one that is primed up for your purpose.

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