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Stay Smart While Shopping for Special Occasions

Christmas is coming your way but that doesn’t mean you can just splurge and over-use that credit card. Can’t help it? Well, it is just a matter of thinking out of the box and being practical in this world we live in today. Here are some tips on staying smart while shopping for the holidays.

Make a List and Check it Twice…

Be like Santa, write the names of the people you want to give gifts to and think of the things you can get them and look online for the prices so that you’ll have an idea how much an item would cost. Chances are if you don’t, you will just go to the mall and when you see something you’ll end up buying it and would realize that you should’ve thought about everything beforehand.

Save time and gas. Go Shop Online!  


There are a lot of benefits when shopping online. One of them is being able to spend your time thinking about that item. Is it worth it? Is the price too good to be true or is it too expensive?

And also, you don’t need to go to shopping centers where the long lines at checkout counters are waiting for you. You can’t also take your time deciding.In the end, you’ll just get carried away and spend your money on things that you will realize are not really worth it.

Take Chances on SALE!

Before the holidays even start, there are shops that would make a sale and you should Take advantage of it. You might get great deals and will surely save a lot than shopping closer to Christmas time. It will also save you time since you have some presents bought already and you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting someone or not getting a certain someone the right gift.

 You could also collect coupons so that the money that you will use on getting shampoo or toilet papers, you could just spend it on simple gifts.

Be Creative

Gifts don’t have to be expensive or branded, sometimes it is the effort that you make that makes the gift special. If you have spare time, this would be one of the best things you can do to save up. You can just make DIY arts and crafts for your family and friends. Buy the necessary materials that you need for your project and make it as crafty as you can.

        If you go on Youtube or Pinterest, you will surely find not just one, not just two, but hundreds of tutorials and inspirations when it comes to doing crafts especially for beginners.

        Or better yet, if you are into cooking/baking, you can make them something really special that would prove of how hard you worked for their presents.

        Trust me, it would be LEGIT. Your family and friends would feel extremely special once they find out you made it.

Wise Gift Wrapping


Get it wrapped for FREE-  some department stores offer gift wrapping services so take advantage of it. You can actually save money since you wouldn’t have to get gift wrappers and ribbons. Also, you can save time if there are tons of gifts you are supposed to wrap.

Recycle Wrap- If you don’t want to get it wrapped in the stores, you can just get newspapers, magazines even different colored papers to wrap gifts instead of getting fancy gift wrappers. All of them will just end up in the trash so why spend money on things that are not really worth it. It is also the same as throwing money in the trash.

Always remember that the gifts that we give to our dear loved ones doesn’t always have to be material things. Sometimes we just got to think out to the box to see what would really make them happy. There are also times where they don’t really need any material things from you, maybe what they need is something that cannot be bought either online or at any department stores.

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