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Five Property Loan Milestones You Need To Unlock To Get A Loan

Laying hands on a house may be rather complicated, and numerous people can attest to this. So, when you are gearing up to buy a house for yourself, you must realize what to expect before and after the purchase. You might come across several useful pieces of home-buying advice and actionable tips on different websites that guide you through the complete home-buying procedure. Here, you will find a brief outline of the five important milestones for getting a property loan.


First things first. Before you set out to buy a new house for yourself, you need to find out if you have the requisite pre-qualifications. A thorough analysis of 10 to 20 minutes will make you aware of where you stand and provide you with the appropriate platform to receive a new home loan.

You can carry out this procedure personally or talk to a loan officer over the phone. You can also fill out an online form. The lender you are dealing with will calculate the maximum monthly mortgage payment that you need to shell out and of course, if you can borrow. Knowing about your pre-qualifications for a home loan enables you to construct a budget for yourself and solidify your position when you are all set to make an offer.


Once you have decided on which property to buy, you must offer a price to the seller. Negotiations will be conducted by a real estate professional. A contract, along with a pre-qualification letter, must be submitted thereafter. After the letter is accepted, an initial disclosure package is offered. After receiving this package, you can embark on the application process. In all likelihood, you will have to provide recent income and asset documentation like bank statements and other documents to the loan officer. If you want to be sure that your loan follows the right track, fill out and arrange your documents within the stipulated time, keeping all the minute details in mind.


In the processing phase, your title work, as well as appraisal, will be taken care of. Once you have provided the lender will all the requisite documents, the details will be scrutinized for accuracy. The processor will verify the provided information on the title work, credit report, and appraisal and find out whether any extra document will be required or not. After the entire verification is done and the entire application package is reviewed, it will be handed over to the underwriter. You will be receiving all the updates from your home loan officer who will take you through the stages of loan processing.


After your loan application reaches this stage, it will be reviewed by the underwriter to assess if your loan suffices all the guidelines required. Starting from your employment, appraisal, and asset documentation to your credit and disclosures, everything will be under scrutiny. Once everything has been followed according to the rules and regulations, all the conditions have been covered, and loan contingencies have been cleared, the final approval of your loan will be given clearance by the underwriter and then sent forward for closing. The moment that’s done, you are done through the last round and will soon be on your way to becoming a homeowner.


This is the final stage before you get your hands on the home loan. It’s like the final milestone that you need to cross. It’s more of a formality that, when done, will make you ready for your new home. In terms of getting the property loan, a time, date, and location are confirmed, and three days before it’s done, you will be forwarded your CD or closing disclosure. The closing disclosure is nothing but a document that displays the term of the loan, how much you need to shell out, and your closing costs. Once you have paid the settlement amount, you will need to sign the documents. Funds will be distributed to you, and consequently, the owner of a particular property will hand it over to you. You are then the owner of your dream home.

The process might seem a bit lengthy and cumbersome, but things will be less stressful if you proceed step by step and take the help of a professional. But do keep these guidelines if you want everything to work in your favor. All the best!

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