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The Beloved Stars of Hollywood Who Have Aged Too Flawlessly To Be True

Tina Louise Ginger – February 11, 1934

The sweet ‘Ginger’ from Gilligan’s Island is still a gorgeous woman, even at the ripe old age of 84! Actress Tina Louise simply exudes glamour, the way only a long time member of Hollywood can. Louise is still a style symbol too, having been spotted recently wearing a flowing floral summer dress and flat leather pumps.

When it comes to evergreen aesthetics, she sure does take the cake! Louise is a Hollywood veteran with a rich acting history behind her and many supporters. Her acting career kicked off way in the 50s, and so many of her co-actors are no more! However, she has the blessing of a long-life and luxury, and we are happy for her. She will always be famous for her roles in God’s Little Acre, Day of the Outlaw, For Those Who Think Young, and The Trap, among many more.

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