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The Beloved Stars of Hollywood Who Have Aged Too Flawlessly To Be True

Jolene Blalock – March 5, 1975

Nobody is about to forget the popular sci-fi series Star Trek: Enterprise. And they also won’t be forgetting the stunning ‘T’Pol’ character in the series, played by the lovely Jolene Blalock. While many years have passed since Blalock was in a significant role. She still looks youthful and radiant, and you would swear it’s not more than five years! Of course, the role earned her popularity and wealth.
In 1998, Blalock’s career in the film industry kicked off, and she retired from show business by 2014. Her professional acting career did come to an end rather abruptly. But her fans respect her decision to stay away from the entertainment world. Blalock’s reputation is squeaky clean as she avoided being hot gossip by getting mixed up in any scandals. She is currently in her forties and is married to Michael Rapino for over 16 years.

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