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You Won’t Believe How Much John Legend is Actually Worth!

John Legend has a long and impressive list of accolades he has acquired over his career. We are not talking about his many Grammy awards or his marriage to Chrissy Teigen but his charitable efforts that have shown how humble and kind he truly is.

Legend is a philanthropist who has donated millions to many charity organizations. But despite giving away so much of his fortune, the singer is worth an astounding $40 million. When he is not making headlines because of his music, he is doing so because of his generosity. He name has also appeared in the 2016 ‘World’s Greatest Leaders’ list.

Before Legend started his professional music career, he worked in the corporate world where PowerPoint presentation was a norm. He left when he couldn’t continue with it and ended a legend in the music world. He is good at investing on start-up companies owned by blacks. He has invested alongside, Magic John a sum of $24 million in such business.

In 2017, he worth over $40 million and the money is increasing every year as he breaks records in music.  Legend started playing piano as a child because his grandmother was his music teacher.  He joined the church choir before joining the secular music. He has not looked back in his career with accolades from fans around the world.

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