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What Will Hollywood Look Like Ten Years from Now?

Movies, music, and TV shows are considered the most vibrant sources of entertainment, and they will remain the most fundamental source of entertainment. But with time, the world of entertainment has undergone a sea of change. For example, ten years back, only Fox and Disney were the main players in the Hollywood industry, and Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu used to air their content. Now Netflix and Amazon produce their content, and other similar players have joined them. For example, Spotify, a recently launched service for music lovers, is breaking historical records. Netflix, Amazon, and other similar service providers showed an alternative way of enjoying the latest movies from the comfort of sitting in the house, especially during the pandemic. It is predicted that a decade later, Hollywood will be a completely different world from now, as it is going to adopt the latest technologies.

Hollywood and Metaverse

Metaverse is the near future concept of developing a digital world. It is to provide a network of 3D virtual worlds for social connections. The whole world is going crazy after it. Mark Zuckerberg has already announced META as a pivot towards the first metaverse company. Other big giants have started making efforts to adopt it. Microsoft recently acquired Activision Blizzard, a giant in video game word video and Apple is reportedly on the way to producing its high-tech gadgets.

It is predicted that in the future Hollywood will be indulged in this virtual world, providing a real-life experience to the audiences. Hollywood will get closely connected with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Virtual reality headsets provide a 360-degree interactive environment and augmented reality glasses overlay digital elements into the real world. In the future, VR and AR gadgets will be affordable and will be owned as normally as we own a cell phone today. So with the help of these gadgets and adopting the latest technologies, it is assumed Hollywood will produce mesmerizing content in the future.

Hollywood Would Be More Engaging

How Hollywood will look after a decade might be debatable, but it will surely be more engaging and addictive for the audiences. Maybe audiences with their customized avatars will be able to insert themselves into their favorite movies, or they might even be able to communicate with their favorite characters during the movie. How will it be? There is no perfect answer, but it will be much more thrilling and exciting in the future.

According to some experts, writers and directors are not much ready to adapt to the Metaverse. They are experienced in producing narrative content only, and it will take some time for the VR and AR industry to convince writers and directors to start thinking according to the future realistic virtual worlds production where audiences might become part of the movie.

It is said video game companies will be the major players in the future Hollywood landscape because they already they deep pockets, IP, and the latest technology. Holywood will get closely associated with such companies to leverage their cost of production.

What Will Happen to Celebrities and Cinemas?

With a rapidly evolving movie industry, the identity of celebrities might also change. Unlike today where stars are promoted through various marketing stunts by big players to make them more appealing to the fans, audiences will decide who they want to get connected with. People of color and women will be more encouraged to be a part of movies, hence the much-talked-about discrimination in Hollywood will reduce.

Also, it is safe to assume that future film projects will be funded by non-fungible tokens or NFTs, and audiences and other creators can have a substantial stake in the production. Hence, the entertainment industry will become the source of earnings for many.

The concept of cinemas will stay there, but they will be altered according to future requirements to make them more suitable. However, according to some experts, only high profile movies, concerts or seasonal events like the World Cup or FIFA will be broadcast there. People through their AR and VR gadgets will be able to enjoy other movies, television series, or music at home.

2032 is not very far, but it is going to bring immense changes in the world, because of the crazy fast developments in technologies. For an ordinary person, it is very hard to anticipate what will 2032 Hollywood world be like, but it will be much more fascinating than our assumptions.

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