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This Is What We Want to See in the Ninth Installment of the Fast and Furious Franchise

The first of the Fast and Furious franchise rocked the screens way back in 2001, and we cannot believe that there’s already a ninth installment set for release already. In the film industry, it is common for franchises to grow stale pretty quickly. But it’s not the same case with the Fast and Furious franchise! This particular one is so immensely successful that Fast and Furious 10 is already on the horizon, slated for release in as soon as 2021!

The Background Info

The original film managed to gross over $200 million on just a $38-million budget! With such incredible turnover, it was inevitable for there to have been a sequel,  but nobody thought it would go on this long – and so good. So what we know about Fast and Furious 9 is that there will be plenty of big names in the cast, and surprisingly, not all of the main characters will return.

Fans are on the edge of their seats and can’t wait for the film release to see what Dominic Toretto and his pals will be up to this time. That said, there are six things fans are waiting to see in Fast and Furious 9 – and we hope the film doesn’t leave anything for wanting!

Dom’s Adjustment to Daddy-Hood

A rather shocking revelation was Dominic Toretto has a son, and it was a rather intense gut-punch on the storytelling part of The Fate of the Furious! Viewers are hoping to see more development on Dominic’s adjusting to fatherhood as the story continues. Brian O’Conner was revealed as his son, and everyone is wondering whether Dom will be questioning his two-decade-long outlaw lifestyle now that he realizes he’s a daddy.

Justice over Han Lue’s Murder

Nobody got over the murder of Han by the reformed bad guy played by Jason Statham, Deckard Shaw. Seeing Shaw assume a more significant role in the Fast franchise was undoubtedly exciting. Still, people are looking for an acknowledgment of Han’s murder and at least some motivation to accept his untimely death in Tokyo Drift.

Car-Centric Entertainment

Of all the fast and Furious installments, the least car-centric of the lot was no doubt The Fate of the Furious, which only delivered in a couple of sequences. While it is natural for the series to have drifted away from its roots in the street-racing game and evolved a little, viewers feel that the focus on cars is the backbone of the franchise and shouldn’t happen as much as it has. Viewers are hoping for some fast gears and cars at the forefront again, like the good old times!

A Better Team Dynamic

The Fast and Furious franchise is one that holds the principle of family very highly. So it was a shocker when it was part of the script that Dominic would turn into one of the bad guys. Dom’s change of heart came with a shift in the team dynamic, making it overarch. Viewers look forward to more balance in the upcoming film n this regard.

Deckard Shaw’s Redemption

Also related to viewers wanting to see more justice over Han’s killing comes the desire for Deckard Shaw exhibiting a better and more profound redemption. His character has managed to stick around, and maybe the script ensures that it happens, too. But viewers are still looking for an excellent motivation to accept him.

Punishment for Cipher

The character that Charlize Theron so expertly played in the franchise as Cipher is undoubtedly one of the most wicked villains in the entire franchise. The fact that she escaped in The Fate of the Furious is an immensely frustrating point for audiences. Everyone hopes for justice in this matter! Of course, many doors could open in this way for storytelling. But what everyone wants is for Cipher to pay, and she must pay dearly!

We’re done waiting and guessing at the cast and looking for tip-offs – we want to see this baby in the theatres! There’s nothing like an adrenaline-filled, high octane film to get the blood pumping and our hearts racing! We hope the ninth installment of this franchise delivers in all aspects!

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