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Want to Experience Living Life Like A Celebrity? Stay At Their Favorite Airbnb Rentals!

Our undying curiosity about our favorite stars always brings us back to the gossip pages of a newspaper or magazine. Let’s be honest: even if we complain about them or judge their actions, we still wonder what it would be like to live as they do and to enjoy the same perks that they receive. But what if you can really live their life for a few days? Though you may not be a bigshot in Hollywood, you can definitely find out what their lifestyle is like by availing their favorite Airbnb rentals. Here are some of them:

Ariana Grande’s Favorite Rustic Mansion In Colorado

Singer Ariana Grande may still be young, but she has achieved a lot in just a few years. Her songs have topped music charts, and her energetic stage performances have left her fans in awe. She is more than just a singer though as she is also a humanitarian who is not ashamed to tell the world about her mental health struggles and encourages others to do the same. Hence, she totally deserves a good break when she can get it. In 2017, she went on a holiday in Colorado and stayed in a rustic mansion, with indoor pools and bowling alleys. Perfect for Colorado weather! Pocket pinch? $10,000 per night only! Enough to make you bankrupt overnight actually. LOL!

Lady Gaga’s Coachella Getaway

Lady Gaga does everything in style. So when she rents a home to stay over during Coachella, she finds a huge desert home with a pool, a spa, and amazing interiors that will captivate anyone who sets foot inside the place. Though this stunning house also had a price tag of $10,000 per night, our little birdie told us that, during Coachella, the price shoots up to $60,000 a night. Well, what can we say, it does suit Lady Gaga a lot! The lovely house has even been featured in Architectural Digest, and it is located halfway between Palm Springs and La Quinta.

Britney Spears’ Malibu Haven

If you want to live like Britney Spears, then you need to rent out this luxury villa. Situated in the beautiful Malibu, the “Baby One More Time” singer rented this place during Valentine’s Day in 2017. The charming villa comes with all the amenities you might want, but its USP is definitely the view of the Pacific Ocean. You can actually see surfers and dolphins frolicking in the nearby beach right from the comfort of your house with a drink in hand. However, you would need to pay over $7,705 per night if you want to enjoy the view! Unfortunately, the listing has been taken down from the site.

Beyonce’s One Of A Kind Stay

Queen Bey slays like no other! In 2016, Beyonce rented an Airbnb for Super Bowl night in 2016. The normal nightly tariff is $10,000, but we hear Beyonce paid about $50 million for rental fees alone. She performed in that year’s Super Bowl halftime — hence, she needed a place close to Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco. Though we looked at the listings for that area, we couldn’t find the rental, so it is probably off the market now!

If you get a chance to stay for just one night, would you want to stay in any one of the celeb-approved rentals?

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