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The Top Five Most Highly Anticipated Netflix Shows Coming Out This April

April is a big month in the world of entertainment this year. While the world sits tight for the airing of the final season of Game Of Thrones, Netflix will bring its own flock of series and movies that are going to keep you entertained for the coming months. The streaming company is also promoting older movies, and you can now see some more new classics on Netflix. While April is the time to enjoy some rainy days, who doesn’t like to stay indoors, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and watch some great show or movie on TV? Well, here are some of our top picks from Netflix which are set to be released in April!


Brace yourself for all the supernatural and horror shows on Netflix this April. One of the most anticipated from this genre has to be Chambers by Leah Rachel. The story revolves around a heart attack survivor. She gets a heart transplant, but the heart that saves her has been shrouded by mystery. She finds out that her donor had died a sudden and mysterious death and she goes on a journey to unearth the truth about that death. However, she also discovers that she is slowly acquiring all the habits of her donor, and some of these habits are sinister. If that seems interesting, watch out for the show this April. Uma Thurman has been roped in to play one of the characters in it.

Someone Great

After a dose of horror, it is time to get all romantic. Someone Great is a 2018 movie that is scheduled to be released in 2019 in Netflix. The Gina Rodriguez movie is directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. Get your girl gang and order in some takeaway to watch this movie. It will be all worth it! The story is about a young music journalist who gets a great job in San Francisco. But her boyfriend is not ready for the long-distance relationship and hence breaks up with her. To mend her broken heart, she plans one last crazy adventurous trip to New York City.

The Sapphires

The Sapphires is about four aboriginal Australian singers from 1968 who go on to entertain US Troops in Vietnam. Their love, aspirations, and friendship all take a new meaning during the time of war. They are discovered by a kind man who helps them travel to Vietnam for their gig. Though it is plenty predictable and full of emotions, there is an undeniable feel-good vibe and soulful music, which has given the movie a huge 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


This is a very unusual dark comedy about a New York City graduating student. Though she seems to be a harmless student during the day, she is a dominatrix by night. As she looks at expanding her business, she needs an assistant and ropes in her BFF, who happens to be gay. The seven-episode series is a must watch, if you want to know what went wrong in her perfect world! The show has already won a few awards including one in Cannes, so expect it to be quite gripping. Each episode is only about 12-18 minutes, but each one definitely packs a punch. Director Rightor Doyle has admitted that the series is based loosely on his own life experiences. This one is something to watch out for!

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Part 2

What’s a rainy day without some snuggling in the couch with a warm blanket and binge-watching horror shows? Get your couches ready for the second season of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina which is set to have ten episodes in all. Kiernan Shipka who plays Sabrina has some big changes coming up in her life. It is known that season 2 will pick up exactly where season 1 ended.  There will be some new faces though. It will start on April 5, so brace yourself for some horror-induced thrills and chills. And the good news that there will be 2 more seasons of this show!

So the verdict is out now. April is going to be one interesting month. In case, you want to watch some oldies, Netflix has Bonnie And Clyde and All The President’s Men for you this month. Safe to say, Netflix never bores you and you can enjoy a whole new world of entertainment right from the comforts of your couch now!


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