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Together No More: Details About The Liam-Miley Split!

It has been less than a year since Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus married in a private ceremony held at their Tennessee home, but there’s already trouble in the air. News of their separation are doing the rounds, and it seems close friends of the couple are in agreement with the arrangement and are actually of the belief that the separation is for the best. The most that has been revealed is that Cyrus and Hemsworth are each evolving individuals, so what we can glean from that is either their careers or their personal goals got in the way! The couple did announce that they remain dedicated to the many pets that they share (pigs, horses, fish, cats, dogs!) – well, we suppose that’s responsible, right!

Miley’s View On Being A Wife

In the August issue of Elle magazine, Miley shared that she didn’t identify with the stereotypical role of being a wife, and she described her relationship with Hemsworth as unique. She also expressed that she wouldn’t share details with the public as they would surely fail to understand the dynamics of their relationship.

Miley and Kaitlynn?

On August 3, Miley was already posting pictures on social media of herself without her wedding ring. In fact, Miley went to Italy with Brody Jenner’s former flame, Kaitlynn Carter. The two were spotted sharing some intimate moments at a poolside in Italy. Of course, if you haven’t heard about Cyrus coming out as gender fluid in 2015, then this information will be a little confusing! All of this came out to the public hours after the announcement of Liam and Miley’s break-up and a week after Kaitlynn and Brody’s amicable separation. According to an insider, Miley and Kaitlynn are going through the same emotions, and so, they are in a friendship that happens to be romantic as well — things aren’t really clear on this front! They have been spotted together on multiple occasions, the most recent being at a VMA after-party.

The Split

As we did mention, those close to the couple weren’t surprised about their split which tells us that there is a whole lot more to the story – and of course, there is! One of the sources even spelled out that while fans believed that the couple’s union meant they were a perfect celebrity couple, they were wrong because Liam and Miley actually had many issues. Well, they sure did well at hiding those issues from the public! Even Miley’s dad, though he thought Liam was a great guy, feels that Miley is better off after the split as she seems far happier, it seems.

This celebrity pair is known for their on-and-off love story, and it has been a rollercoaster ride for them and their fans ever since they laid eyes on each other on the set of The Last Song way back in 2009. They began cooking up a storm of a romance which led them to an engagement in 2012, only to be followed by a break-up the following year. Liam and Miley stayed broken up for three years then, and Miley described that she required that time to change as she couldn’t change while being with someone who wasn’t changing. When they hooked up again, it was a case of falling in love all over again — and that time as new people. 2016 came with an engagement announcement yet again. Ever since that engagement, the two have sort of kept the public in the dark about their love life, and that’s why everyone was so surprised by the news of their split this August!

Apart from the devastating Woolsey Fire that engulfed Malibu and claimed one of Miley’s homes, there was nothing but love and adoration between the two lovebirds. Their social media posts were simply public displays of affection that fans adored, and all seemed swell in the Hemsworth-Cyrus department!

It is now official that Liam has filed for divorce, and it has come to light that Miley and Liam were married with prenuptial agreements in place as well as keeping their earnings separate during the marriage. This makes their split far easier on the financial front, but emotionally, it is probably still touch-and-go. It’s hard to say how Liam is feeling about anything as he has said he won’t be sharing anything with media or journalists! Time will tell whether these two will find each other again and surprise us all over again!

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