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These Hollywood Couples Have Been Through It All, Proving That True Love Can Withstand Anything!

Nicolle Wallace and Michael S. Schmidt — Together Since 2019

If there’s one thing that Nicole Wallace can boast of, it’s definitely her career! Aside from having written Eighteen Acres, a contemporary political novel, Nicole is also MSNBC and NBC News’s chief political analyst as well as the anchor of Deadline: White House. To add more zeros to her bank balance, Nicole also contributes and co-hosts a variety of other MSNBC programs such as The 11th Hour with Brian Williams and Morning Joe. We can’t deny that Nicole is one smart, talented woman.

Perhaps, these are the qualities that made two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Michael S. Schmidt fall for her in the first place. The correspondent for the New York Times started dating Nicole Wallace earlier in March 2019 after they were spotted together during a festival in Austin, Texas. Together, Wallace and Schmidt are enjoying spending time with each other as well as reaping the fruits of their labor from their successful individual careers!

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