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Tamara Ecclestone Spent $1.5 Million on THIS Bathroom Upgrade

When you are the daughter of the fourth-richest man in Britain, money is the least of your problems. Tamara Ecclestone, daughter Bernie Ecclestone is a typical socialite who has been born and raised in a rich household. Bernie is a British business magnate and former chief executive of Formula One Group. As his daughter, Tamara has never had to face any financial struggles in life.

Tamara has made headlines in the news for her expensive taste in fashion, cars and big mansions fit for a queen. In 2011, she craved for an expensive bath experience because of her love for bathing. In 2011, she spent $1.5 million on crystals to quench her craving for an expensive bath experience. Experts shipped the crystals to her London home and used them to build a bathtub, making all her luxurious dreams come true.

The Formula One heiress is famous for her crazy spending sprees around the world which can make anyone envious of her wealth. Every Christmas, she decorates her London property with an amazing festive theme that costs over £50,000. Tamara starts Christmas shopping as early as September, a habit her father considers as madness. Christmas for Tamara means shopping and traveling around the world. She continuously moves between Switzerland, where her £2.5b tycoon father Bernie resides and Los Angeles, where her sister lives.

In 2018, she spent over £20,000 importing snow to her home because she wanted a white Christmas with a giant life-sized sleigh in front of her home.

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