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Take a Look Inside Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s Enviable Lifestyles

There are many couples in the entertainment industry whose lifestyles make us green with envy. Whether it is their togetherness, trolling, craziness, or romance, some people are just meant to be together for life. Adam Levine couldn’t have gotten a better wife than Behati Prinsloo who is more than just his soulmate. She hooked his heart back in the day when he was a party animal and a ladies man.

The pair fell in love with each other in 2012 but separated just a  year later. However, the split was the worst decision they had ever made in their relationship and they got back together in just two months. After patching things up, Adam decided to give Prinsloo a permanent place in his life. The two eventually married in an epic ceremony in 2014. They live a glamorous life with no expense spared in their quest to make each other happy.

We may not agree that Levine is extravagant when he buys a bouquet of rose for Prinsloo. But Levine has a taste for expensive kinds of stuff when it comes to buying a $35.5 million mansion and a $241,000 Bentley convertible for his family.

Inside the extravagant life of the couple is craziness, and love for expensive gadgets. They still face the normal ups and downs faced in celebrities’ marriages. Prinsloo said it was love at first when they met years ago. We cannot agree less with their open affection displays these days.

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