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The Sweetest Family Dramas Of All Time

Streaming sites have largely taken the lion’s share when it comes to visual content. So that does mean TV is obsolete? Not at all! Of course, you might not devour programs or relate to soaps, serials, and shows like earlier; but it’s great to go back in time and catch up with all such lovable, heart-warming, and ‘groundbreaking’ tales. In a way, TV families are exactly like us. Actually, the characters come in all such shapes and sizes inside our drawing rooms that we literally feel for them. So it’s not uncommon to laugh and cry along with them! They make us forget our otherwise humdrum lives, and often teach vital values (really?). Not that all these series and serials stayed etched in our minds, but few have. And here as you keep scrolling, pore through some amazing creations; the charm of which will last forever.

Modern Family

Want a little bit of reality touch with dollops of hilarity? Then Modern Family is what you need. In the 8th season, the ABC sitcom is a real delight surrounding the life of Jay Pritchett and of course, his ‘modern family’. Starting from his bubbly wife of Columbian origin, the two quirky sons-in-law, and few others- all of them define entertainment to the T. Not to miss out on the real-life lessons imparted on a subtle note, like gender issues, adoption and diversity issues. But all these have been intelligently woven around the somewhat OTT slapstick comedy.

Downton Abbey

You have seriously missed out on something great if those one-liners from Dowager Countess haven’t been heard by you, yet! Family drama knows no bounds with this PBS classic called Downton Abbey. Treat yourself to the characters, and even their ‘ever-strained’ bonds (yes, we mean the sister’s Lady Edith Crawley and Lady Mary). But what stays long after you watch the show is how after every historical pandemonium, the Crawleys and their servants stay and head towards home together.

Full House

It’s not Gilmore Girls alone, but Netflix has (kind of) breathed a new life in those who couldn’t catch up with these TV wonders by featuring Full House too. A sitcom, a classic family show of all time, the ABC show is perhaps the only one that ran for so long. Chronicling the struggles that life brings along, this is the story of a father (Bob Saget) who put the onus of raising his young girls on his best friend and brother-in-law after his wife passed away, following a devastating car accident. Adorable would be even less to describe these 3 men and the series of blunders they commit in the journey of parenting. A blend of hilarious moments and some awkward ones too- the story strikes the right chord and leaves a ‘sweet’ feeling after every watch.

Gilmore Girls

There’s no way you haven’t heard of this. A somewhat different take on what we usually consider ‘perfect family’ to be, Gilmore Girls is just perfect for what it brings to the table. Those healthy mother-daughter relationship episodes, alongside the quirks, are indeed heart-touching. Peculiar that Lorelai herself raised an independent and strong-willed daughter and had her back at all times, but chooses not to “see eye-to-eye” with her parents. And she actually didn’t speak for 5 months, 3 weeks, and 16 days! But then, the Gilmore girls stay each others’ best friends.

Little House on the Prairie

Ingalls is truly iconic among American families and you need to watch Little House on the Prairie to believe this. Based on the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the TV series portrays the tale of a “salt-of-the-earth” family comprising seven members who lived and worked in the mini-farm in Minnesota during the 1870s and 1880s. Laura comes of age with time and faces ordeals no less, as much as her family dealt with strife and hardships of the worst kind; but never did they lose faith in life or even each other.

Retaining the top spots in the TRP rush, yet creating a niche of their own was no mean feat for each of these classics. Even amidst tough competition, some have re-entered our lives (thankfully). So what if the medium isn’t TV, but there’s no missing out on catching up with some of the most-loved characters and stories.

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