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Surprising Facts About Mark Anthony You Probably Didn’t Know

Marc Anthony is one of the most beloved salsa singers in the world but many of his fans don’t know that he may not have been successful without the help of a former cop, Kevin Lowry. Anthony completed his education because Lowry made sure he went to school even though he lived in a dangerous, drug-infested street.

Marc has been married thrice, his first two marriages with Jennifer Lopez and former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres didn’t work out, although Anthony continues to remain on amicable terms with both of his exes. Torres recently confirmed that she has cancer. This health scare forced her to undergo treatment after many years of refusing to check what was wrong with her.

Currently, he is married to a supermodel, Shannon de Lima. The singer shares kids with both Lopez and Torres. His career is a long walk to stardom, from his days with Latin Rascals as a backup singer to writing his own songs. He released his first album, Rebel in 1988, a turning point in his career that put his talent under the spotlight. Marc tried his hand at acting in 1995 with a role in Hackers. His biggest film project so far was Man on Fire, alongside Denzel Washington.

Marc has an entrepreneurial spirit that gave birth to a Latin entertainment firm, Magnus Media. The media firm looks out for Latino artists to support their careers. He also co-owns the Miami Dolphins. The singer is a two-time winner of the prestigious Grammy Award and has won the Latin Grammy five times.

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