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How Sofia Vergara Makes Balancing Work and Family Life Look So Effortless

Many smart celebrities have found a way to make a passive income away from their glamorous careers in Hollywood to be able to fund their luxury lifestyles even when their acting skills are not in demand anymore. We have seen celebrities put a hold on their spending and invest their money in great businesses instead. Sofia Vergara is one of those who pivoted herself from a successful TV career to entrepreneurship.

She has expanded her business empire after starring in Modern Family with the help of millions of dollars she has earned for her iconic role on the show.  In 2018, Forbes named her the highest-paid television actress with $42.5 million in net worth, a coveted title she has held for seven years.

Vergara owns a ladies’ underwear subscription service, Empowered by You (EBY). She also has a perfume line and co-owns Raze with Luis Balaguer. Raze is a Latin World Entertainment company, which represents rich celebrities such as Rafael de La Fuenta, and Alejandra Espinoza in Spanish television soap operas. Vergara had learned how to give attention to her family and work. She married Joe Manganiello in 2015, and they have raised lovely kids together.

The actress hires people to do most of her works because she understands the power of delegation. She surrounds herself with talented people who bring out the best in her and make her feel more productive. She looks out for the best employees and trains them well to keep up with her fast-paced world.

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