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This is How Serena Williams Invest in Companies When She is Not Playing Tennis


Serena Williams is silently making waves away from her tennis life by investing in around 30 companies.  Only few people are aware that the tennis player has put millions and her time towards making a mark on companies handled by African-Americans and women.


Williams invest mostly in women because she discovered that women get less than 2% of funds raised by venture capitalists. She has a good business deal with a female-led frozen meal delivery service Daily Harvest.

She concentrates on companies headed or owned by African-Americans like Mayvenn, an African-American-helmed hair extension company. She looks at the companies that are focused on parent’s need because she believes that children open new doors.

Whether she invests on women or African- American companies, she and her team has one job to do; diligence. Williams said that investments are really important in terms of who are the other investors: what does their portfolio look like, have they been successful? If they’re a new company, are they a good product? Is it something you believe in? I never do something if I don’t really believe in the product.

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