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Salma Hayek Is Now Officially A ‘Hollywood Star’

Finally, in November 2021, Hollywood star Salma Hayek joined the league of actors and celebrities who became members of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Thanks to her movie ‘Eternals,’ the news about the actress getting the star, followed by a grand ceremony spreading the festive fervor- started doing the rounds. The festivities even got live-streamed for the fans of the Hollywood bombshell (virtually everyone, as every other person, is a Salma Hayek fan!). So even if you missed out on the cherished moment, you can now find it on YouTube (and down here).

The Impressive Venue

The event was in front of the box office of Hollywood IMAX (the TCL Chinese Theatre). In addition to Salma Hayek, there were notable people too, who gathered in large numbers to speak. The list included the likes of Adam Sandler (her co-star for ‘Grown Ups’) and the director of ‘Eternals,’ Chloe Zhao.

Even Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles City Mayor, was present at the ceremony to say a few words about how Hayek was the best fit for the Hollywood Walk of Fame! While accepting the heartfelt speech, Hayek felt nostalgic. She recalled how her acting career would be nowhere today had she not devoted herself to it completely. She advised the others listening to her with rapt attention also to follow their dreams.

The Secret Of Showbiz Success

According to Hayek, there should be something that everyone loves or would love to have. In her case, it was the cinema. There’s no harm in not liking it or thinking to oneself about being not so good. There is no age or limit to not being good in a certain art. Rather, it makes sense to learn the tricks of the trade and keep bettering oneself.

Hard work truly has no alternative. As add-ons, vital values like consistency, hard work, persistence, and preparation are pivotal. Most importantly, it’s not necessary to pay heed to what outsiders say. Listening to oneself and acting towards the positive is the key to success.
Hayek also narrated an interesting story about a man attacking her once at Hollywood Boulevard using a knife. Years have passed by since the day, but the trauma is still intact. The experience left a few indelible emotional scars that strengthened her furthermore. As a result, she mastered the art of not giving up on her hopes and aspirations. She confessed how ‘healing’ it has been for her to get her Walk of Fame. Also, she didn’t fail to thank her fans, who supported her through the journey.

The Two Gentlemen Who Saved The Lady

Hayek could easily recall how two kind gentlemen came to save her almost instantaneously, on the same boulevard where her name is etched now. They went inside the store as it was a scary ambiance outside. Even the police were nowhere in sight. They jumped over the counter, got a few sticks, and she had to be ready to attack (if needed) using the stick.

When Adam (Sandler) spoke about being a part of such a great initiative, he said it was akin to an ‘honor’ to be invited for Hayek’s induction. Even co-star Chloe Zaro couldn’t stop expressing how Salma is talented and compassion personified. She has a lot of depth and has never shied away from paving her pathway and leading others to follow suit. Putting her in a box was simply impossible a thought!

Hayek Got The Honor In Her Mid-Fifties

Hayek is in her fifties now. She started with the 1989 ‘Teresa,’ a telenovela, and then came a few films later on. With movies like ‘Desperado,’ ‘Wild Wild West, ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ and ‘Dogma’ to name a few, she started making waves, and the world took notice of her. The biographical venture of 2002, ‘Frida’ consolidated her position as a star and co-producer, for which she also gained an Academy Award nomination. That wasn’t all, for she starred in several movies after that.

Eternals is a 2021 venture that made her the Hollywood Walk of Fame star. As much as it made her proud, fans and critics are equally overwhelmed by the actress’s charisma, talent, and acting substance she has proved her might in all these years.

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