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The outrageous Mel Gibson $9million island in Fiji Island


Mel Gibson bought an island in the Mago Island in the northern Lau Group of Fiji for $9 million in 2005.  The 5,400 acres island is one of the largest privately-owned islands in the South Pacific, giving Mel Gibson the privilege of being one of the few people on earth that owns an island.

Things have not been smooth for the actor who is set to direct a remake of the 1969 Western classic The Wild Bunch. The actor who has been facing controversies over the years doesn’t want any force to stop him from creating this movie.

He was also blacklisted for his racist remarks by Hollywood but that has not stopped Gibson from featuring in movies and also getting an Academy Award nomination for directing the 2016 biographical war drama Hacksaw Ridge.

The actor is not having money issues because he worth above $425 million. Gibson has featured in many blockbuster movies that have earned him accolades. His 2004 movie, The Passion of the Christ, that he directed, funded and also co-wrote was a huge success that vomited more than $600 million in profits. Gibson’s net worth could rise with his future projects.

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