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This Is Why The Nun Is The Commercially Most Successful Conjuring Universe Movie Ever

The Nun hasn’t got the exciting response that was expected you say? Well, despite that, it is still the grandest entry into the Conjuring Universe as well as the highest-grossing one – none has been able to surpass it so far. Valak might not have impressed you this time around, the plot and acting might not have been up to the mark, and the scares didn’t quite send a shiver down your spine. Irrespective of these, the film when hit the theatres in the year 2018, not only helped the makers rake in the entire $22 million they had spent on it, but became the biggest weekend opener of the Conjuring Universe. Three years have passed after its release, still it continues to be the biggest blockbuster and the most successful flick of the franchise financially.

The Nun Was Marketed Brilliantly

Despite the critics panning the film, The Nun roared at the box office. What might be the reason behind that? Audiences continued to crowd at the theaters, making it the most profit-earning entry into the conjuring universe. An in-depth analysis has found out several key factors that have led to the immense success that the film garnered. The marketing was fabulously done and the credit goes to the team that has projected the movie in a fashion that would arouse curiosity amongst the cine-goers. The cinema landscape of 2018 too was a driving factor. Last but not the least, no one could take away the appeal that The Nun had globally.

People Were Eagerly Waiting For A Good Horror Flick

Throughout 2018, movie buffs had to stay contented with other genres as horror was not much on the platter for the whole year. They were desperate for new and enticing content that would satiate their hunger. This is a major reason why The Nun set the box office on fire. Folks who love spooky stuff thronged the cinemas in numbers and played a big role in taking the ticket sales to an altogether new height. Next came the extensive and aggressive market campaign. Starting with the trailer, which caught the imagination of the fans big time, curiosity started to build up. The Nun was like a drop of rain on a rain-starved land. Following a horror-starved year, the film got all the momentum it needed to get a huge opening.

The Movie Had An International Appeal

One fact that can’t be ignored is the connection that The Nun had with the conjuring universe – that itself was a big draw. People were curious to know the backstory of the antagonist of Conjuring 2 and were dying to get a glimpse into the origin of the demonic character. The global appeal of the film was the third driving force that took the hype around the film to unimaginable heights. Talking about the international markets, China is not a market for the horror genre. On the other hand, the genre has a huge stronghold in South America and other countries that speak Spanish. The film got the biggest opening in Mexico, the prime reason being the lead star of the film, Demian Bichir, the Mexican actor who played the titular role. The international appeal, along with pervasive marketing and a year devoid of any horror flicks, all drove The Nun to claim the position of a clear winner at the box office.

Is The Nun 2 Releasing Soon?

Yes, The Nun 2 is in the offing, but is it happening? With the latest entry, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, there have already been eight entries in The Conjuring Universe. Is another one coming up? Bonnie Aaron’s portrayal of the iconic Nun has raised people’s expectations even more. In 2019, Peter Safran, the producer of the franchise declared that a sequel was being developed.

However, no details regarding the plot have come out yet. The immense popularity of the Conjuring Universe will likely propel the makers to churn out The Nun 2, but the focus on The Conjuring 3 has probably pushed it to the backburner. Once that project is over, there might be some activity regarding the spinoff. Considering how things are going at the present moment, if the makers decide to go ahead with The Nun 2, a 2023 theatre release is quite likely.

So, until things are finalized, fans would have to wait with bated breath before they rush to the theaters again. The Conjuring universe has given sleepless nights to many. But who cares?

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