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This Is Noonoouri – A Virtual Influencer Taking Instagram & The Fashion Industry By Storm

Instagram is the new-age social media platform for the next generation. Products are just not advertised here but promoted by real people who are known as the influencers, earning money from their promotions and spreading the word to their thousands of followers. But what about virtual people promoting your products? Yes, that is the newest fad on Instagram, and Noonoouri is the latest sensation there. A 19-year-old Parisian, Noonoouri already has a following of 200,000 already. Here are some things about Noonoouri so far.

How Was She Created?

Joerg Zuber, a 43-year-old graphic designer from Munich, happens to be her father a.k.a. creator. He had imagined her seven years back, but it was impossible to find an investor for his almost impossible vision. It took him seven years to create and finally bring out Noonoouri all by himself. He is incredibly passionate about his project and has created it with his sentiments and feelings.  Does this remind you of some long-forgotten fairy tale? Yes, looks like Pinocchio did happen for real!

What Has She Been Up To?

She has been modeling for numerous big names and promoting products as well. We hear Naomi Campbell is a friend, and Noonoouri loves to hang out at all the cool places in New York and Los Angeles. She sounds like the ultimate “It Girl”. Not only has her popularity sky-rocketed last year but she has also been the talk of the town everywhere including Forbes. She has also been on the front cover of big, glossy fashion magazines, an achievement which many models can only dream of. She has recently collaborated with Dior and became their ambassador. It was her makeup tutorial for Kim Kardashian West’s makeup range that drew attention from Kim herself. It was one of her first collaborations, and obviously, many more offers came because of that.

How Much Is She Earning?

While we do not know exactly how much she is earning now, according to her creator, she has started raking in money and slowly working her way up the ladder of success. It is also extremely expensive to create her posts on Instagram, so a lot of money goes there, too. In fact, it takes her creator almost two to three days to make one post. As for the collaboration videos for KKW or any other video for that matter, it can often take about 4-8 weeks. Zuber has an entire team dedicated to these projects alone. But judging by her popularity and her shoulder-rubbing with top celebs, she will be earning a lot soon.

The best thing about Noonoouri is that because she is non-human, she doesn’t have any fear. She describes herself as “cute, curious and couture”. It very well sums up some of the best-known influencers on IG, and Noonoouri is definitely inspired by them. Zuber says, “People follow her because she’s different. With her, you can immerse yourself in a dream world.” And that is why the character has become so popular. She’s a breath of fresh air amid the usual IG influencers. We can’t wait to see what more she has to offer!

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