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Netflix Is Here To Spice Up Your June

With the Summer season in full swing, Netflix is about to have more binge-watchers will all of their new found free time. After all, it is the go-to streaming service for many. We all have seasons to catch up on, movies to watch or just some documentaries that have peaked our interests. This June, Netflix does not disappoint its users as it brings with it a series of amazing movies and series that are for media lovers of all genres.

Ralph Breaks The Internet

This is the follow-up sequel of the beloved animated movie Wreck-it Ralph. Following the same characters we fell in love with in the first movie, the movie revolves around Ralph and Vanellope exploring the concept of the internet as arcade game characters all the while trying to save Vanellope’s game. A perfect family movie which has an amazing moral and fun humorous characters that might bring with it laughs as well as a few heartfelt tears.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15

One of Shonda Rhimes prime-time hits is back with its 15th season! This amount of seasons clearly shows the love that its audience holds for it. Grey’s Anatomy has a fan base that has stayed true to it for all these years, after all, you don’t reach season 15 without such support. Following a group of doctors that we have grown emotionally attached to, the latest season will bring with it, even more twists and turns that will leave people wanting for more as usual. You asked and Netflix provided, so to make sure your Grey’s Anatomy needs are satisfied, the season will be up for your viewing pleasure this June.

Black Mirror Season 5

Do you want to feel uneasy about the technology that surrounds you? Technology that is supposed to help you? Well, you don’t have to wait anymore. Black Mirror is a dark anthology series that has gained popularity recently and it is back after its latest installment of their first interactive movie, Bandersnatch. After only 6 months, Black Mirror brings to you episodes that contain cameo roles from not only Miley Cyrus, but also Topher Grace, and Anthony Mackie. So buckle up for a suspenseful binge that may or may not spark your techno-paranoia.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

What are summers without a good animated movie? Especially one that has the friendly neighborhood superhero in it whom we have loved since childhood. Spider-Man is back with an Oscar-winning story that is perfect to watch with friends and family. With an interesting story and new characters as well as character backgrounds, this movie is bound to leave a good mark on you. That is why Into The Spider-Verse is a movie one you should not miss, especially when its just a click away on your Netflix browser.

Jessica Jones Season 3

After two whole seasons of making us love her, the superhero-turned-detective is back with her last season that the fans have been eagerly waiting for. Some fans were curious to find out what the story holds while the others are dreading the end because they don’t know what will fill the hole that the amazing performance of Krysten Ritter will leave behind. So, buckle up for the last ride that season 3 will take you on and we hope you survive the finale!

So, clearly, Netflix has plans of making our June better than we have thought it would be but sadly, somethings must come to an end too. Some beloved movies are reaching their expiration date in June so if you want to catch it one last time, you must do so quickly. Amongst these are Freddy vs. Jason, Pretty in Pink, An Extremely Goofy Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Maybe the new additions will help the wounds these leave behind to heal quickly. Let’s hope so!

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