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Meet The Lovely Women Who Played The Role Of Ariel In Disney’s The Little Mermaid!

The Little Mermaid has caught everyone’s fancy every time it hit the big as well as the small screen. Recently, Disney decided to come up with a live-action remake of the beloved film. Halle Bailey is the current choice to play the titular role of the rebellious mermaid, and she is ready to take you into the fantasy world of sea witches and true love’s kiss one more time. With this portrayal, the other half of the singing duo Cholle x Halle is all set to join the impressive ensemble of gorgeous women who endeared themselves to our hearts by playing the iconic character, Ariel. Below is the list of all those beautiful ladies who made you a part of the little mermaid’s world.

Jodi Benson

Jodi is the woman behind making Ariel a household name. She lent her voice to the character in the animated version of the movie which was released in 1989. She went on to be an integral member of the Disney family when she reprised the role in the duration of 30 long years. First came the animated prequel in 1992, which was followed by The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea in 2000. The trilogy was completed with The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning in 2008.  Aside from this, Benson has worked as a voice artist in Ralph Breaks the Internet. She is quite an asset to the industry as the OG Ariel.

Julianne Moore

Though you won’t be able to catch Julianne portraying the legendary character in any stage production, TV show, or a movie now, she became Ariel in The Disney Dream Portrait Series.  Moore appeared alongside former Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps, who posed as a merman. Celebrities were placed in various roles from several Disney animations during the photoshoot. It surely seemed a bit otherworldly and was completely lapped up by Disney fans. Because of this, Julianne rose to fame in an instant and saw herself being inducted into the “Ariel Hall of Fame”.

Sierra Boggess

Those of you who have seen The Little Mermaid live on Broadway would easily recognize Sierra Boggess. This talented woman is one of those few actresses who have made Ariel come alive with a stunning performance on stage. The musical opened to the public in the month of January 2008. This particular role was, later on, portrayed by Michelle Lookadoo and Chelsea Morgan Stock, but Sierra’s portrayal still stands out. The well-acclaimed theater artist weaved magic with her act and she shone brightly as Ariel.

Sara Bareilles

Sara is another Broadway star who stepped into the shoes of Ariel during The Little Mermaid Live! She displayed her vocal skills on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in 2016. Bareilles appeared alongside some famous stars like John Stamos, Rebel Wilson, Darren Criss, and Tituss Burgess. Unfortunately, Sara couldn’t make it for the final performance owing to her the commitments she had with the Tonys. Jodi Benson took her place on the last night, but Sara will always be remembered as one who has nailed the role of Ariel.

Lea Michele

On the occasion of The Little Mermaid’s 30th anniversary, people witnessed the Hollywood Bowl going under the sea yet again and this time, the audience loved watching Lea Michele taking on the role of Ariel. The Glee actress gave a stellar performance and proved her worth once more. She was seen on stage performing with the likes of Peter Gallagher, Cheech Marin, and Harvey Fierstein. Everyone who witnessed her performance has only nice things to say for Michele, and it remains to be seen if she repeats her act and enthralls her fans in the near future.

Joanna Garcia Swisher

When ABC’s Once Upon A Time made up its mind to put its focus on Ariel, Joanna Garcia Swisher seemed to be an automatic choice. She portrayed the role, first in 2013, and thereafter, a number of times throughout seven long episodes. There was a bit of twist in the tale though. You could never hear Swisher sing.

These were some of those stunning women who played their part impeccably and made Ariel a character that would live on in our hearts forever. It remains to be seen if Halle Bailey lives up to the role just as these actresses have. This is going to be her film debut and we are all waiting with bated breath to see her play the role of Ariel!

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