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Meet Idris Elba: People Magazine’s Most Attractive Man Alive

People magazine declared that their hottest man for 2018 is actor Idris Elba. The 33rd man to receive the honor, 46-year-old Idris Elba won the title over the likes of Blake Shelton, Chris Hemsworth, Adam Levine, Channing Tatum, and Dwayne Johnson. He is definitely in good company! Apart from being a brilliant actor, Elba is also a handsome man and has a hot body to boast of. However, People magazine goes beyond all that to find out their hottest man. What are the parameters then? Not just good looks or a hot body! According to editor-in-chief Jess Cagle, “They like the idea of a guy who would be a good husband and father. We always feel out the readers to see what they want, and then we just argue about it!” So let’s find out how Elba fits the bill!

Being A Loving Father

Idris Elba is the father of a 16-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son. He has often said that playing the role of a dad is his best role so far. Watching the kids being born and then seeing them grow up every day is something he cherishes. His love for his children and his doting nature makes him adorable to the women readers of the magazine. The world has just opened its eyes to this new type of man — hot dads. Turns out, the fact that dads have not been scared to take the plunge and are committed to their role as a father makes them exceptionally hotter to the fairer folks.

A Caring Partner

Apart from being a loving father, Idris Elba is also known for being a great partner. He is engaged to former Miss Vancouver, Sabrina Dhowre, and they met on the sets of Two Mountains Between Us. It doesn’t seem very long before we see them tie the knot. Meanwhile, Dhowre is proud of Elba’s new title and took to social media, saying she always knew that! The fact that Elba shares great chemistry with his fiancée add more brownie points in his favor. Treating his girl with love and respect always earns men respect from other women, too. No wonder he has impressed them thoroughly!

He is Exceptionally Talented

Apart from his great relationships and amazing family life, Idris Elba is incredibly talented in what he does. His acting skills have been praised by critics and fans, and his talent is reflected in the number of awards and accolades that he has received throughout his career. He is best known for his BBC One Series Luther, but he has recently made his directorial debut as well. Apart from acting, he is also a voice actor who gave the voice of Shere Khan in The Jungle Book. The most surprising talent this man has is probably his passion for music. In fact, he will be performing at Coachella this year. Now, who can resist a multi-talented guy like him?

He Has A Killer Body

Of course, he is the full package — intelligent, hot, gorgeous, and great physique! His muscles, when on display, prove how much hard work has been put in to make them look like that. It says not one but two things about him: firstly, that he’s quite obviously an attractive man thanks to his amazing physique; and secondly, that he’s the type of man who has the commitment and determination to have to maintain a body like his. It requires a lot of discipline as well as resisting temptations.

His Modesty

It is safe to say that he has achieved a lot already and is out to achieve more. Yet, the one thing that makes him stand out is his modesty. He is confident but without losing his humility. It is not easy for a star of his popularity to stay rooted even after achieving success, but the fact that Elba has been able to do that shows he is of great character.

This might very well be a lesson for men as to what women want in them. It is not just a man’s outward appearance or his great job profile; women look beyond all that and try to find good character traits that will show what kind of a person he might become in the future. Well, guys fret not, follow People magazine’s hottest man alive, and do it like Idris Elba.

A big congratulations to Idris Elba!


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