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Love to Watch Dramas Like Suits? Then You Would Love To Watch These Shows Too!

Suits made an appearance on the USA Network and quickly became one of the most popular shows all across the globe. The show has everything going for it – amazing actors, great dialogues, and it was thoroughly entertaining. What attracted most was the palpable chemistry between the characters, especially between Harvey and Mike, and is one of the show’s high points. Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht are excellent in their lead roles as Mike and Harvey. Even if you do not like the nitty-gritty of law at times, you may love the show as the cases are simplified and easy to understand. Even if the show ran for nine seasons, it left the audiences wanting for more. Here are some shows on the list which you are bound to like if you fell in love with Suits.


Billions share a common ground with Suits because here the protagonists trap each other in egoistic battles. Apparently, it was a no-show for the critics. However, it is earning extra brownie points now. The show also has strong performances much, like Suits, and is dependant on the relationship between Chuck Rhoades and Axe, people from two different fields who did their best to outdo each other. Asia Kate Dillon stars as Taylor Mason who invests in the much-needed zeal. The pace of the third season picked up and took the show to new heights. There are subtle cat-and-mouse plot lines and wonderful acting by the leads which will surely impress you.

 Mad Men

Matthew Weiner is the brains behind the show Mad Men, a period drama that aired on AMC from 2011 to 2017, for seven seasons. The storyline is all about Donald Draper, a financial wizard who tried hard to find a balance between his professional and personal life in the 1960s. This soap was not just another show aimed to cash in on the latest fad of period dramas but had a lot more to it. The show has a lot of interesting characters who can have you in splits and crying in a matter of seconds. It enhances the subtleties of the humor and tragic moments in equal measure.

Don Draper plays the role of a womanizer, and an unscrupulous manipulator. However, he is a layered personality and is more than what meets the eye. You have the chance to unravel his role in the series for the next seven seasons. All the characters have a backstory of their own and are introduced to the plotline one by one. The show is as authentic as it gets and you’ll get a feel of the retro era complete with its outfits and hairstyles, a peek down the memory lane.

White Collar

White Collar is one of Jeff Eastin’s creations and it follows the story of Neil Caffrey. He is anything but a regular guy and he is as manipulative as one can get. He is conniving character who works under the tutelage of Peter Burkey, an FBI agent who keeps Caffrey away from prison. This type of relationship reminds us a lot of our favorite Bonnie and Clyde duo of Harvey Spectre and Mike Ross in Suits. Much like the popularity of Suits based on the dynamics of Harvey and Ross, this duo in White Collar equally interesting and intriguing. Their constant banter and repartees is enough reason for you to watch this show and rewatch it again on your not-so-good days.

These are not your regular black and white characters, infact their characters have shades of grey and they are sharp and witty. Caffrey’s criminal records doesn’t leave him and he is constantly tracked and monitored, making him watch his steps with care. However, his shady backstory does not stop him from getting involved with shady deals. As partners, him and Burkey make an interesting pair as they try to clean up the mess. Their relationship, bordering on friendship, is what keeps the show ticking.

The Good Wife

It has all the ingredients that made Suits so popular, including interesting characters and a legal backdrop. Emmy winner, Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, turns to the law as her husband, the Cook County’s state attorney, gets involved in a major scandal. The two main differences in the shows are while Suits is more about out-of-court settlements, The Good Wife takes matters into the court quite literally. The lawyers fight tooth and nail to save their respective clients and that is certainly one of the show’s stronger points. The show also has a spinoff with The Good Fight.

Tell us in the comments section below, whether you enjoyed any of these shows!

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