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Love Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper? You Should Watch His New Show on Netflix!

Love him or hate him, you just can’t ignore him! Thus was the charm of Sheldon Lee Cooper. He made his fans fall head over heels in love with him with his quirks, sarcasm, and smartness. The once in a lifetime genius he was, you both hate him and admire him.

Not to forget, we all felt a little bad for Leonard for having to deal with him all day long for 11 seasons. However, The Big Bang Theory came to an end with a tear-jerking season finale in May 2019. While all of us miss the show and would love to have a few more seasons of it, the makers seem to have no such plans.

However, you could enjoy the performances of the show’s stars on their other shows. For instance, did you know that Jim Parsons, a.k.a. Sheldon Lee Cooper, is now on a new show? This Netflix original show, Hollywood, began early this May and has been holding the audience on the edge of their seats

The Show:

This Netflix original is an attempt to paint a realistic picture of the paradise of the glitz and glam world – Hollywood! The story has two parts, i.e., the golden-era of the Tinseltown fantasy. At the same time, the other half explores the sleazy tales from the entertainment world’s underbelly. Jim Parsons brings in the sleazy world alive with his role. The seven-part drama explores the life and struggles of all the key characters in the series. Each character unveiling a whole new perspective of the Hollywood industry and how the entertainment industry treats them.

The role of Henry Wilson, the role that Jim Parsons brings to life, is based on a casting agent of the same name. The casting agent Henry is the man behind the successful launch of many stars, including Rock Hudson.

The Sleazy Hollywood Agent:

Soon after the release of the show’s trailer in April 2020, Jim Parsons spoke about how he looks forward to the show. He says the show Hollywood and his role as Henry Willson will be the most powerful one in his life. Jim’s role as the casting agent is both powerful and sad. According to the actor, Henry Williams is a casting agent who would go to any extent to help his clients reach their dreams.

Paying out of his pocket for everything from their clothes to teeth, he ends up penniless and dies. The saddest part that went on to haunt Jim was how the character of Henry ends up in a Styrofoam coffin. This, despite being the one who was instrumental in helping hundreds of people get close to their Hollywood dream.

However, there are several shades of grey to this character that will make you cringe at times. The casting agent is shrewd, and tricks want to be naive artists into having intimate relations with him. Using emotional abuse, shame, and guilt as his weapons against the young actors, the way Henry makes and breaks careers is gripping.

Henry is both the devil and the clown, a verbal abuser with funny quirks it’s hard for the audience to decide on whose side they are by the end of the show. Jim spent around two hours every day in the make up room to get the look right. After going through the script and walking around the set, the actor found himself getting into the character of Henry seamlessly.

The Other Stars

Directed by Ryan Murphy, this short series has an excellent line up of actors who would complement the skills of actor Jim Parson. Going by trailer and the official announcement from the production house, this limited series will have a great ensemble of artists. Some of them are Darren Criss, Samara Weaving, Holland Taylor, David Corenswet,  Dylan McDermott,  Joe Mantello, Jeremy Pope,  Patti LuPone, Laura Harrier, and  Jake Picking, in prominent roles.

Well, going by the reviews of the show, one could say that it is captivating. And Jim is stealing hearts all over again! One could also be sure that Henry is poles apart from Sheldon Cooper. While both do manipulate others by having a way with the words, Sheldon’s aversion to being touched and ignorance of sarcasm is the exact opposite of Henry’s character!

It thus gives all Jim Parsons’s fans a reason to watch their favorite star deliver a splendid performance all over again!

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