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The Lazy Girl’s Way of Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party!

While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause a major scare worldwide, you can still enjoy your New Year party at your humble abode following all the safety protocols. Becoming a hostess isn’t easy, but there are alternative ways to spend the evening rather than spending in a claustrophobic packed-to-the-rim bar or club. These tips would keep you all sorted for those who want to enjoy your party and not get too stressed about the preparations and planning. Read on to find out exactly how.

New Year’s Eve Kitsch? Bring it On!

What keeps a quirky party going? We think it is kitschy party accessories. So, although glittery top hats and glasses may sound tacky for some, they rev up the fun quotient too. After all, you don’t want to make your parties too serious, do you? Shop for these fun and quirky accessories at a dollar store or party shop, and gift them these NYE-themed accessories for your guests as soon as they arrive. Also, keep a photo booth ready for those endless selfies and photo ops. The more the accessories, the more your party will take on a festive spirit,

A Potluck is Always a Good Idea

Food is one of the biggest concerns of the host or hostess. If you do not enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen,  slaving away in the kitchen preparing multiple courses for the guests, you can ask them to bring a dish they love to cook. This promises more variety and also less clean-up to do afterward. You will also get to enjoy the food your guests bring in. Are you among those who lose their appetite after cooking multiple dishes for an upcoming party? We can completely relate.

Get Your Crafty Hat On

Apart from picking up kitschy NYE accessories, you may not need to deck up your home in NYE-specific decor. Let your pre-existing decorations do the job admirably. You can try and put up lights and sparkly accents and bring out your existing Christmas balls and ornaments in clear vases or bowls. After all, it’s a New Year party, and you need to put on the shine or sparkles. Choose a common color theme. It can be silver, black, or gold, or red.

Set a Fun Costume Theme

You don’t need to do much when you have a costume party. Your guests turn up in myriad costumes, which will ultimately be a fun experience. You can keep your costume party as a retro theme, with guests turning up as their favorite celebs. This is the fun part, as most people will keep guessing what the other has tried to be! You can even have a prize for the best costume, someone who stuck to the theme in the best way possible.

Keep the Television On

While in most parties television can turn out to be a party pooper. In some cases, it can act as a good distraction as long as you keep the low volume or muted so it may not impact the conversation. It can add some NYE flair to the evening, and make you aware of the countdown before you are able to reach the stipulated time, 12:00 hours!

Plan Your Playlist Well

Apart from food, drinks, decor, and entertainment, the next thing you need to consider is the soundtrack to your soirée. While it isn’t a very smart idea for your guests to don the DJ‘s cap. It can get too chaotic. You can play safe and play all the hit tracks of the current year and gradually go retro; golden oldies that never fail to work up their charm.

A great playlist has been able to avert many a party disaster! Here, everyone can suggest their favorite. Once you get the playlist to flow, everything else falls into place. As planning a good playlist takes time, ensure you do that before the real party planning comes in. This will. You will have this ticked off before you are caught in the madness and mayhem of party planning.

In the end, take a huge breath in and breath out. Yes, stress can stop you from enjoying your party. Let us say stressed hosts do not want a good host make! Even if there are goof-ups, your humor and amiability can save you from turning your party into a complete disaster! Best of luck!

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