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Did You Know These Celebrities Have Royal Titles?

Meghan Markle is definitely one of the biggest names of 2018. The Suits actress became a real princess this year, and her life story is nothing short of a fairytale. But did you knew there are other celebrities from Hollywood who were royal, too? Along with a fat bank account, they also get to enjoy respect and love from the people. Imagine what it must be like to not only have made so much money in your savings account but also earn the title of a royal and enjoy a regal lifestyle! Read on and find out which celebs have become part of royalty.

Grace Kelly

Long before Meghan’s love story took the shape of a fairy tale, Grace Kelly, a gorgeous actress of yesteryear Hollywood, had her own fairytale wedding with the Prince Of Monaco. Prince Rainier III met her in the palace of Monaco and was captivated by her beauty, charm, and sensitivity. They started exchanging letters and the Prince went to the USA to spend a week with Kelly and her family. They married soon and Grace Kelly said, ” When I married Prince Rainier, I married the man and not what he represented or what he was. I fell in love with him without giving a thought to anything else.” Everything else that came with him was, of course, just the perks!

Wallis Simpson

American socialite Wallis Simpson’s affair with the crown prince was not something that society accepted back in the 1930s. She was often referred to as “That Woman”. Wallis had a nice upbringing despite several misfortunes during her childhood. Just her luck, she eventually married well-to-do shipping executive Ernest Simpson. Later on, she met the Prince of Wales in several parties and they eventually felt a connection. When the Prince became King Edward VIII, he abdicated the throne for his lady love, and the two lived together in France. Despite all the challenges that they faced in that era, their love story was a success and perhaps that makes it all the sweeter.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Eminent fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg met Prince Egon Von Furstenberg when she was only 18. He was still married to his first wife then, but love triumphed, and the two eventually got married in 1969. However, it didn’t last as long as they thought, and soon, they divorced in 1972. Diane had a daughter and a son and is currently grandmother of Princess Talita. Despite her early marriage to royalty and the divorce, Diane had a stellar career and is part of fashion royalty in the USA now. She came up with the wrap dresses for women and will go down in the history for it.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Actress, author, and activist Jamie Lee Curtis made her debut with John Carpenter’s Halloween, a horror movie. She went on to do numerous movies throughout her career and earned several awards and nominations. She is married to British-American screenwriter, composer, and musician Christopher Guest. In 1996, Guest’s father passed away, and he became the 5th Baron Haden-Guest, and hence, his wife, Jamie, is the Baroness Haden-Guest. Though she is averse to the idea of using the title since she feels she has done nothing to own it, we can’t deny that she is part of royalty now.

Meghan Markle

Well, we can’t leave her out of the list now. From being a briefcase girl in Deal or No Deal to being the Duchess Of Sussex, she has definitely come a long way. Meghan Markle was acting in the popular tv show Suits when she met Prince Harry through a common friend in October 2016. The two started dating and in 2017, and sooner than we’d expected, Buckingham Palace announced the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She always spoke for the causes of women and is still known for her charitable work. Her racial heritage also helped her understand her roots and embrace it, too. She said, “Dad is Caucasian and my mom is African American. I’m half black and half white… While my mixed heritage may have created a grey area surrounding my self-identification, keeping me with a foot on both sides of the fence, I have come to embrace that. To say who I am, to share where I’m from, to voice my pride in being a strong, confident mixed-race woman.” Well, she definitely helped many more girls’ dreams of becoming a princess someday, if not literally at least allegorically.

These celebrities were not royal by birth but they became royal through their intelligence and maturity. And that is why they are a class apart!

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