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How Keanu Reeves Secretly Gives Away Millions of Dollars


The Matrix superstar, Keanu Reeves got the looks and talents to take off millions from every venture he is featured. Interestingly, he is not bother about the wealth he has amassed over the years. He may be the famous face everyone can identify around the world but he has managed to keep an air of normalcy. In the world of Reeves, he doesn’t link the wealth and the merriment, but he sees money as a tool to help others.

The hefty fortune Reeves has under his belt is enough to live an outrageous lifestyle but the guy is cool as cucumber.  It is said that his net worth is above $350 million!

However, this amount could have been tripled if he was not giving away millions of dollars secretly to people who need it. From movie production to charity work, Reeves has done a lot to make life better.

In fact, there was a time he gave up $75 million to the crew members who were with him on Matrix movie, special effects teams, the production company and the costume designers. The actor believed that these people deserve more money than they were getting then.

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