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The K-Pop Comeback We Are Looking Forward to in 2022

With the new year, fans are looking forward to the much-awaited albums released by their favorite K-pop group. The comeback announcements have been keeping fans on tenterhooks. Some of the announcements had been way back in 2021, so there has been a long and impatient wait for the fans. If you are a K-pop fan and completely relate to the fandom, here are the albums to look forward to this year. Fans are sure the albums would be an absolute chartbuster and smash records like no tomorrow!


BTS has almost created a music revolution across the globe. Their fans better known as the army are looking forward to their next album. In 2021, they did things a little differently as they did not release a studio album. Instead, they made comebacks with Butter and Permission to Dance and were in the news for collaborating with popular pop stars Coldplay and Megan Thee Stallion.
BTS’s 2022 calendar although looks jampacked remains a mystery. Fans think that their album may be on the verge of release as they mostly time their major releases with that of a major award show or event, so it could be around Billboard Music Awards in May. Although BTS has been extremely hush-hush about their next release, fans are feeling giddy at the thought of a new big release.


EXO is another K-pop group that has been creating a furor with their foot-tapping music. Their members including SuHo, ChanYeol, and Chen will be discharged from their military duties in 2022. Will the singers make their solo comebacks? or make a group comeback? Well, we are certainly looking forward to seeing them breaking records once again much like their popular songs such as Love shot, Monster, The Eve, and more.


Since Zico made his solo debut in late 2014, he has enjoyed stupendous success. With every single he has released he has single-handedly been successful to shoot to the top of the charts. And in two years he has been able to compile a collection of great songs to create a countdown of his own. His style is irreverent and fun and his fans love the sound he creates with his rap.
It has been some time since ZICO, the Any Song singer has come out with his chart-busting numbers. He is all set to be released from military duties on Apr 29, 2022, and create magic with his music.


This year the commemoration of International Women’s Day has been special as singer SUNMI released a brand new song on Spotify. Oh, Sorry Ya has been the first new release of the year. It is a retro track that has a rhythmic bassline. It was an extension of her last hit release, Borderline. Her other mini-album released was 1/6 in 2021 exploring a completely new genre. Kudos to her for exploring something new and introducing us to a new side of her. We are sure she has come up with a completely new masterpiece. It is only a few months before we come to know about her new album, which promises to be a chart-buster.


The famous K-pop quartet, BLACKPINK has certainly become one of the most successful girl groups in the world in the last few years since they made their debut. They have come up with six videos and enjoyed a billion views on YouTube. Since they made their last comeback, 2020’s The Album, the pop singers from the band, Rosé, Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie have taken over the fashion world as they teamed up with some of the biggest luxury houses such as Chanel, Dior, Celine, and Saint Laurent, and Celine. Rosé and Lisa meanwhile have come up with their single albums such as R and LALISA singles.

However, the exciting piece of news is they are working on their next project although they have not come up with any announcement as yet. Their fans are just waiting with the bated breath to know what they come up with next?
Tell, us which album from which group are you looking forward to most? Tell us in the comments section below. Watch this space to know more about the latest K-pop releases and how they weave their magic with their incredible songs and stupendous performances.

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