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Inside Blake Lively’s Amazing Relationship That’ll Make You Want to Fall in Love

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of the most talked-about couples in Hollywood and their love story is nothing short of a great rom-com film. Reynolds first met the gorgeous blond beauty on the sets of Green Lantern and the two quickly became good friends. The friendship developed into romance and Ryan was smitten by his lady love that he decided to propose to her.

The couple had a strange start to their relationship. They remained friends for a year after the filming of Green Lantern, and one day they decided to go on a double date with different people, but by the time the night ended, they realized that they should be dating each other! According to Reynolds, it was one of the most incredible moments when he realized that Lively was the one for him. The couple shares similar things like coming from big families and having almost the same heights.

After dating for a while, the two decided to get married and start a family together. It was truly a match made in heaven and the couple is so glad that they found each other and started their relationship in the best way possible: by becoming best friends. Reynolds advises fans to take their time in love and see if they can be friends with their significant others before taking a serious step.

Ryan may be a master in trolling others, but Blake is a match for him. For seven years, they had given us reason to laugh at their silliness. They like to tease each other out of love on social media and we think they couldn’t be more adorable.

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