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Here’s How You Can Bond With Your Grandkids On A Rainy Day!

Rain can make your perfect sunny day outdoor a mess, which is why you always need to have a plan for indoors. Just because it’s raining cats and dogs outside doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. It’s the perfect opportunity to know your grandkids and explore the bond that you have with them. So to make your day a memorable one and not let some dark clouds ruin it, we have some ideas for you to try out. These include board games along with some other activities that are sure to bring a smile to your face and strengthen your relationship with your grandchildren.

Set Up A Scavenger Hunt

With a whole house to make use of, why not go for treasure hunting? Everyone loves to find gold or just some delicious candies. So hide away clues throughout the house and make up riddles that are sure to baffle the children yet also make them enjoy their time to the fullest. Now all they have to do is find where X marks the spot!

Let’s Get Scrapbooking

Children love to make a compilation of the things they love so why not help them to gather paper, photos, magazines, and any other stationery they might need to make a scrapbook. You’ll not only have fun deciding which pictures to glue but also have a memory to last a lifetime.

“Yes, and” to Pass The Time

With it pouring outside, you need something to do. With the creative minds of your grandkids, why not make a story that is long and ridiculous. In this game, you simply decide on a topic and the next player adds something to it whilst repeating the previous sentence. A test of your memory and your imagination!

Your Very Own Fashion Runway

Children love to experiment so let them do so with your closet. A step that isn’t without risk so make sure that you let them know that the game isn’t without rules. And then help them plan the cutest outfits. They can be the most mismatched ones that make everyone laugh or trendy ones where they feel like models and rock stars.

Make Some Music

With Youtube at our beck and call, it’s very easy for us to come across DIY videos. There would, of course, be ones for making musical instruments so get some art supplies as you get cracking. Once the instruments are ready to go, let there be a concert or even a battle of the bands.!

Have A Puppet Show

Use paper bags or socks and decorate them as you want. Draw on the face as you use other supplies to give them the perfect hair, ears or horns. Let them be your favorite characters from a movie, season or book. Simply, bring them to life with the dialogues and watch the magic happen!

Inventions From A Cardboard Box

You might have it at your home or you might have to ask for it from a nearby store, either way, you can easily get your hands on it. Use a large cardboard box to make the favorite props from the children’s pretend-play fantasies. Turn it into a spaceship by painting it and adding some details or simply make a castle that also has a dragon for a guard.

Spread Happiness

Help to teach them the act of kindness by encouraging them to make greeting cards and distributing them in your local nursing center, care homes or any other such institutions. Making someone smile may give you a memory that’s sweet in all aspects.

Let’s Paint

Art supplies are always fun to experiment with, you can use cotton balls to teach them how to make snowmen or simply make a mess as you channel your own and their inner artist. It can even result in a masterpiece.

These are just some of the basic ideas that can add sunshine into your life on a rainy day, you can make it even better by incorporating pasta pictures into it or newspaper clothing. So, don’t let the dark and drippy weather hold you back from having the greatest fun of your life with your grandkids! If there is a will, there’s a way!

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