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Golden Globe 2021 Awards Came To A Closure: A Recap Of The Most Heart-Touching Moments

The 2021 edition of the prestigious Golden Globe Awards was truly unique in all respects. The award ceremony had in attendance the who’s who from the entertainment industry. It was breathtaking to watch the stars dazzle on the red carpet with a heavy dose of glitz and glamour. The event was an occasion to celebrate some of the best films and television shows from 2020.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey presented the semi-virtual show, and their fantastic job deserves applause. The ceremony had numerous emotional acceptance speeches. There were some surprise winnings and, of course, plenty of fun. Below are a few of the most memorable moments that lit up the ceremony on Sunday.

Mark Ruffalo Appeals For Ecological Conservation

Mark Ruffalo won the prestigious award for the best actor in the limited series, anthology series/ motion picture made for television. While accepting the honor, Mark emphasized inclusion and justice. The I Know This Much Is True actor expressed his belief that what connects humanity is greater than what separates it.

He said that the best way humans could heal their broken hearts, or disturbed minds is to include each other more. He emphasized the need to hear each other more, and see each other more. Aside from this, Mark also appealed for Mother Earth and requested everyone to make this planet a better place to live in. All his words touched the strings of the audience’s heart, and his speech set the tone for the evening.

Norman Lear Receives The Carol Burnett Award

The 98-year-old veteran won the prestigious Carol Burnett Award for lifetime achievement in television. His speech was a reflection of his greatness and proved why everyone loves him. While taking the honor, he didn’t forget to express his gratitude towards his producers, comedy legends, and writers. And he made it a point to thank everyone who stood by him in his long journey in the television industry.

Norman also made a point to thank everyone in his family, even his grandchildren, for the unconditional love they have showered on him. He disclosed that at 98, he has never survived alone in his life. He always had his near and dear ones who have been his pillar of support. According to the television star, that is why he has reached the summit of his career. It was an emotional speech undeniably and one of the highlights of the evening.

Doctors And Frontline Workers Were Honored

The emotional moment for everyone was the awards ceremony honoring the frontline workers and the doctors for their contributions. The world, especially America, has been fighting a long battle with COVID-19, and the people who had the significant role to play to take the citizens out of the crisis are the frontline and essential workers.

Their commitment, dedication, and hard work are something we can never overlook. And the award show this year was probably the best opportunity to celebrate them. The segment had a funny element: stars called up their doctors and named their illnesses after popular movies and television shows. Everything was in very good taste, and the audience lapped up the moment.

A Posthumous Award

It’s a pity that Chadwick Boseman is no more. The legendary actor and playwright waged a long battle against colon cancer and eventually gave up in August last year. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom was his final movie, and he was awarded the Golden Globe for his performance posthumously.

His wife, Taylor Simone Ledward, virtually received the honor on his behalf. It was an emotional and tear-jerking moment for her and everyone else as she thanked everyone. And we are sure that everyone who heard her speak had to fight their tears.

Jane Fonda’s Focus On Inclusivity

Jane Fonda won the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award this year. But the highlight of her speech was her call for inclusivity as well as diversity. She also discussed the power of storytelling. She said that stories are powerful enough to change people. Jane also made a point to mention that there is a story that people in this industry don’t want to hear or see.

It’s a story that talks about them and the industry. Jane said that she desired to see the day when everyone in the tinsel town can express themselves freely. And she does not want talents to fade into oblivion. That was one of the greatest speeches ever made in an award ceremony.

In short, it was a fabulous night, with so much to witness and learn. The organizers did a remarkable job, and the stars present at the ceremony made it a night to remember for a long time.

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