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Gamification and Fitness Equals Entertainment! These Apps Promise All That and More!

Let’s have it straight. We all need extra exercise motivation to kill it at the gym. Sometimes the bed seems too inviting to leave, or the binge-worthy episodes on a streaming platform are too enticing to ignore. However, some amazing gaming apps can put the fun element back into your fitness. These are so much fun that they can make you visit the gym most days of the week.

Zombies, Run!

While in this day and age of instant gratification, running isn’t one of the most popular activities. Some people may find running therapeutic, while others may find it too boring. Zombies, Run! is one app that can make running interesting. Zombies, Run! combines exercise and audiobook storytelling with exercise and a running narrative that can keep you going even when you feel like stopping.

You take the character of a Runner 5, a survivor of the zombie apocalypse that is decimating the world. When you join one of the few survivor camps around, Abel Township, you will have to go for regular expeditions. You will be going for a journey, and you will have help on the way, which will provide audio recordings. You will have music to guide you with the help of a pre-compiled playlist, as you go ahead to see intel, supplies, and find secrets about a mysterious zombie outbreak. It is fun and engaging and includes everything from, chase sequences, helping you run harder and faster. You will also have good pump-songs, and you find songs that motivate you to run faster. The app is available for download on App Store and PlayStore.

Burn Your Fat With Me

Burn Your Fat With Me is another type of workout app, which serves as a virtual anime dating simulator in which you impress your anime dream date. Your training partner will urge you with constant encouragement and complete various trials. This app encourages people to use the word, moe. This is a Japanese term that you associate with when you see a lovely female character.

Despite the app being popular as unusual, it offers pretty decent content. It has around 800 lines of dialogue and 15 episodes that help you traverse the difficult zones with ease. While there is one for the men, there is one for the women. However, it is Japanese at the moment, so you may need to know the language. Another paid app that you can download from the App Store and Google Play Store for $3.99.

Superhero Workout

Superhero Workout is a great app. Six to Start is the creator for both this app and the Zombies, Run! Superhero Workout is similar to the popular 7 Minute Workout app. But Superhero Workout adds a nice gaming element to make it fun.

The themes of most of these workouts are fun. When it comes to the Superhero Workout, you are protecting the earth against invasion by using a unique mech battle suit, the AEGIS One. To save humanity, you must pilot the AEGIS One and continue to do the exercise, and get the right tools to wage the battle. It includes activating weapons, shields, and so many more interesting tools.

The USP of the app remains a camera-activated motion tracker, that counts the reps and also keeps a tab on the number of calories you burn. You can sync the app to Apple TV or Chromecast to see it on a bigger screen. It offers a full-body workout. Download it from the Google Play Store, as you pay $2.99 for the same.


Nexercise is another great app to track your movement. It rewards users and the more they exercise, the more points they earn. Although it may seem too standard at first. But once you earn these points they may have a reward for you in the end.

The points you earn via Nexercise can enable you to exchange gift cards from stores like Home Depot, CVS, Sephora, and more! That’s right you can turn working out into a full-fledged job. You can compete with your friends and colleagues over the points you accumulate. Competition makes fitness more fun. The best part you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store completely free.

Who would have thought that fun, fitness, and games can unify so seamlessly!

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